Saturday Morning at Rich Man’s Gym

Morro Rock Post Run November 2013Saturday morning at Rich Man’s Gym looked like this.  Run down Morro Strand State Beach to the Rock.  Not real sure how far that is, but my guess would be 2 miles.  No big deal, right?  Well for some it is, for other barely a warm up.  Me, not a runner, got the Vibrams on, learning how to run like I’m suppposed to.  Cardio part, easy.  Stabalizer muscles not all that trhilled.  Either way, can’t screw up running on the beach no matter how hard you try!  Got to the rock, hung out and stretched out, took a nice picture and then started back up the beach.  The run back was interval based.  Run for a bit, jog a little, OK, walk now, back to run.  Next step now is to start timing it and then see how to reduce the time to the rock and the total trip.

By the time I got home, had a good sweat going and was nice and loosey goosey.  However I my upper body was feeling neglected, so I grabbed a pair of 16 kg Kettlbells and a pair of 15 pound cast iron dumbbells and got down with a little Controlled Fatigue Training.  Seesaw press with the KBs.  Did 8 per side followed by side laterals, front raises and bent over laterals with the 15 pound dumbbells for 8 reps each and then polished it off with 8 pulls on the chest expander.  Took a breather and then repeated for 4 cycles total and called it a day.


-2 mile run non stop

-2 miles run, jog, walk

-Controlled Fatigue Circuit (no rest between sets) 4 rounds!

  • Double 16kg Kettlebell Seesaw Press 8+8
  • 15 pound Dumbbell Side Laterals 8
  • 15 pound Dumbbell Front Raises 8+8
  • 15 pound Dumbbell Bent Over Raises 8
  • Chest Expander 8 pulls

Not a bad workout at all and an amazing way to spend a Saturday morning at Rich Man’s Gym.  What do you on Saturday mornings?  Rich Man’s Gym wants to hear from you!

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