Pruvit Review: 30 days later

The Pruvit Review has arrived.  After 30 days of using Keto//OS daily and giving Pruvit the chance to prove it, I am prepared to render a verdict and make a few honest suggestions.  (updated 365 day review > CLICK HERE)

Pruvit ReviewIf you’re just stumbling on this, know that I have been on a 30-day test drive of Keto//OS from Pruvit and this post is my Pruvit Review. Here’s the story so far, just to get you caught up.  In early March of 2016, courtesy of Joe Rogan, then Tim Ferris, I become exposed to the concept of exogenous ketones.  First as a primer or buffer for getting into ketosis faster.  Then as a performance enhancer and also potential nootropic.

Ironically, I had already been considering going back on a stricter Paleo or Ketogenic diet anyway.  The deeper I research sugar, the more I want to get away from it.  I started back using as much MCT oil as my innards can handle.  Buttered coffee becomes breakfast.  All veggie NutraBullet smoothies for lunch with a shot of olive oil.  Ketosis here we come!  Buy the stupid sticks already and let’s roll.  Fast for a day, a little H.I.I.T. after day one and yeah, we’re moving towards major lifestyle change.  I started eliminating all processed sugar, starch, and grain.  The only place I was getting any carbs and sugar was from vegetables, nuts, and dairy.

Then this whole supplemental (exogenous) ketone thing pops up on radar.  So I take a look.  A long hard look.  And a listen.  A few more podcasts later and I’m intrigued, to say the least.  What I know for sure is, I’m going try this stuff, it’s just a matter of which product?

I made a new friend on Twitter through researching the brands available.  Rogan’s use of Pruvit, carried some weight, there are other supplemental ketones out there, but I liked the way the rep from Pruvit handled me.  He took the time to engage with me, answer my questions, and handle my skepticism.  The other companies I reached out to remained silent.

Play catch up on my Pruvit Reviews so far:

The links above detail my initial research and first 3 weeks using Keto//OS.  What I’ve been looking for over the last 4 weeks is the answer to two real questions.  These questions are also these are the two main reasons I’m interested in this product for myself and the potential business opportunity it presents.

Pruvit Review Top Two Questions:

  1.  Will supplemental beta-hydroxybutyrate support the claims of cognitive improvement?  And will this make my brain perform better?
  2.  Will supplemental beta-hydroxybutyrate support the claims of improved physical performance, body composition and reduced belly fat?

Additionally, for those considering trying the product and looking for the answer to the “Is Keto//OS worth the money?” question, I will answer these questions as well…

Pruvit Review Supplemental Questions:

  • How is my scale weight and body fat percentage changing?
  • Is my belly fat reducing?
  • Am I progressing better or more efficiently towards my fitness goals?
  • Am I getting stronger in my lifts faster?
  • How’s my appetite?
  • Am I more focused and less foggy at work?
  • Am I sleeping deeper and better?
  • How’s the mood?  Am I happier?
When I started Keto//OS on 3/20/16
  • Scale Weight in pounds:  174.2
  • Body Fat %  10.975
  • Skin Pinch at belly button: 22mm
As of 4/20/16 and having one serving a day of Keto//OS
  • Scale Weight in pounds:  171.6
  • Body Fat %  10.6
  • Skin Pinch at belly button: 16mm

Pruvit ReviewLooking at the data here and from experience now, I can say with confidence that supplemental beta-hydroxybutyrate has improved my physical performance, body composition, and reduced belly fat.  Over a 4-week period, I lost 5 mm off my skin pinch.  Body fat percentage reduced as well as scale weight all the while my performance during exercise has improved.  I have more endurance and can go longer on less.  Meaning, I’m carrying around 17+/- pounds of stored energy (fat) right now.  Why not use that instead of sugar?  Right?  That’s what my body is doing now.  That’s what it’s supposed to do anyway.  Just yesterday during my morning stair workout, I blasted through the 20 minutes.  Normally I can get 8 rounds up and down the stairs with 22 push-ups at the top.  Now I’m doing 9 rounds.  I’m recovering faster as well.   Not just between workouts but between sets.  Another workout involves 12-minutes of burpees with a descending ladder.  The current goal is 22/20/18/16/14 in 12-minutes.  In order to hit this target, you have to work more and rest less.  I’m doing that way more efficiently as I work toward hitting the big goal of 30/28/26/24/22.

Another thing I was looking at was improving actual strength.  My main strength moves right now are single legged squats (pistols) and Turkish Get Ups.  I am putting a tremendous amount of attention on balance and symmetry with my strength training and looking to be in even more control of my body.  This is happening.  I have more control in the decent of the pistol and I can move better under the weight during the get-up.   Bottom line, work capacity is up!  The stuff is working.

So, to answer the question, “Will supplemental beta-hydroxybutyrate support the claims of cognitive improvement?  And will this make my brain perform better?”  YES.  Again, doing more with less.  Appetite has been reduced without feeling speedy.  These are ketones, not Blue Ice.  Now, there is a version of Keto//OS with caffeine.  Not my thing.  I’m a coffee drinker.  Love the coffee.  I have no need for more caffeine.  With that in mind, my “need” for more coffee during the day has all but subsided.  I still have it because I like it, but the “I NEED MORE #@&$^ING COFFEE” feeling that would hit between 1:30 and 2pm is gone.  I’ll take my afternoon cup of joe when I want not when I have to which is usually now around 3 or 4.  And if I miss it, no big deal.  That’s massive.  4 weeks ago and I wouldn’t miss that.  Someone’s life would be in danger if I did.

As far as my working life?  How has this helped with my noggin being more clear?  Well, we’re seeing a big reduction in brain fog, I feel like I’m processing data faster and better and there has also been improved sleep, lucid dreams and I just feel better…  scratch that, I feel GREAT.

Do I recommend this Keto//OS?

Pruvit ReviewYes…  BUT!  There’s always the but.  Let’s get a couple things straight.  This is not a short cut.  There is no quick fix.  This is a lifestyle.  If you’re not willing to eat right and put in the work, then forget it.  As you probably already know, I’ve signed up as a distributor of this product because it has helped me and if you want to try it for yourself, I want to help you with that.  This product comes with the whole package.  You have to want to optimize yourself and your life.  You have to already be looking to up your game and raise your own bar.  Who are you?  If you’re OK with being average and settling for what God gave you then you’re missing the most important part.  You need to USE what God gave you to maximize and fulfill your potential.  You have an incredible energy system inside you that powers your body and your brain.  Make sure you’re putting in 91 octane.

If you, like me, are skeptical, try a sample pack.  There’s a couple choices there.  A 5-day trial run for $25 and a 15-day trial run for $85 (+S/H).  You’ll spend more at Starbucks and the movies then you will on the fuel that goes in your body and your brain.  Knock that off.  Do this for yourself.

What’s next for me and Keto//OS?

2 servings a day, that’s what.  I’ll be knocking back one in the AM and another in the PM.  Will continue on the same path for another 4 weeks and see where we’re at.  From there, based on the results, I may see if I can get the body fat percentage in the 6% range and really experiment with calorie restriction and intermittent fasting.  But here’s the bottom line.  Looking good naked is a consequence of the behavior, of eating well, eating right and training the body to move with strength, power and efficiency.

Giving your mind the fuel it needs to function at it’s optimum just makes sense to me.  The research from guys like Dom D’Agistino on the benefits of supplemental ketones also just makes sense.  The whole thing is extremely fascinating to me.  Don’t just jump on this bandwagon either, do the homework, do the legwork and discover this for yourself.  You will find the reward.  Try it, test it, challenge it, question it.  I am still, so far, highly impressed and blown away.

Pruvit and Keto//OS Questions?

Leave a comment below, HMU on Twitter @DavidRBradley or email me – happy to give you my two cents.  Also, follow this blog, I’m not finished.  Will continue to share the journey with you.


8 thoughts on “Pruvit Review: 30 days later”

  1. This is a fantastic, informative, clear article. I appreciate you more and more as I read your reviews and your general way of being on the planet. Thank you for sharing these views so intelligently and openly. My new product is due here tomorrow, fasting today – on to the gym shortly – I know I am and have been on the right hopeful that this will be the final puzzle piece for me. Thank you!

  2. Lisa Marie, thank you for the kind words. Please keep me and the readers here posted on your continuing success.

  3. How is this different from HMB that has been around for a couple decades now? (at least that is when I discovered beta hydroxybutyrate) just trying to understand the direct difference between what your product has as opposed to a good HMB supplement that is a fraction of the cost.

    1. Hey Angela, thanks for reading and asking. Grat questions! HMB is a metabolite of the amino acid Leucine. The full name for HMB is “β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate” This is not the same substance as beta-hydroxybutyrate which is not a metabolite of an amino acid but instead a ketone. Ketones are produced in the body when the body is using fat for fuel. I would have you read my initial post and examination on ketone supplementation Ironically, both HMB and beta-hydroxybutyrate have shown to be anticatabolic during caloric restriction. That help?

  4. Does exogenous ketone consumption down regulate endogenous production? Why spend a boat load of money when your body can do it endogenously on its own? I’m all for the acute performance or cognitive benefits but 2x a day? Maybe it’s bandaid fix for a bigger issue. Just my thoughts

    1. Will, Dom D’Agostino has done some amazing research on supplemental ketones as well as Patrick Arnold and Peter Atia. Dave Asprey has had D’Agostino on his show too. Both tell a little different story. Jury is still out obviously but after 6 weeks of using the product and not eating any sugar, grain or starch, I’m telling you, I feel great, have more energy and have seen a significant reduction in brain fog… This is NOT the same experience I had when I did ketosis last time. Look, I’m the first skeptic here. EVERYBODY has a story and a product to sell, including the good Dr Veecher. Read all my posts. Re: the 2x a day, I’m experimenting to compare the difference between one serving pre-workout versus one AM and one PM. I’ll listen to the full interview and render an opinion. Also, subscribe to this blog and follow along with my progress as I report on my experience with supplemental ketones. I guarantee a straight shot and honest review.

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