Mark Twight’s Tailpipe Workout at Rich Man’s Gym

tailpipe workoutWhat is the Tailpipe Workout anyway?

The Tailpipe Workout was first introduced to me in a series of YouTube videos called Soldier of Steel when Mark Twight of Gym Jones fame runs a group of National Guardsmen and women through a few grueling workouts based on Henry Cavil’s training protocols for playing Superman in Man of Steel.

The workout is performed with a partner where one holds two kettlebells in the rack position for as long as it takes the partner to row 250m.  Repeat for 3 rounds.  It takes about 40 seconds to a minute to do the 250m.  This workout sucks.  Literally.  By the time you’re done, all you can do is suck…  wind that is.

Richman’s Gym Alternative Tailpipe Workout

Well, I got kettlebells but I am missing two key ingredients.  A rowing machine and a partner.  Hense the term, alternative Tailpipe Workout.  Here’s how we will adapt and overcome.  I have recently acquired a set of Battle Ropes from Onnit.  I will sub in the ropes for rowing.  I expect shoulders of fire after this.  Considering it takes 40 seconds to a minute to do the 250 and considering I’m flying solo on this trip, I’ll set an interval time for 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest.  To add insult to injury and test my mettle, I’m going to go for 4 rounds.  Why not?  It’s the masochist in me…

Alternative Tailpipe Breakdown 4 rounds of suck

  • Battle Ropes 40 seconds
  • Reset 20 seconds
  • Double 24kg Kettlebell Rack Hold 40 seconds
  • Reset 20 seconds

This little nightmare is a great finisher to your workout.  For example, I did this at the end of my Saturday workout where I did ladders of pull ups, dips, and pistols.  It also can be a great stand alone session when crunched for time.  Jump a little rope to warm up and then knock this sucker out.

tailpipe workout

The purpose of the tailpipe workout

The purpose of the tailpipe workout isn’t just about physical stress, it’s about mental stress and fortitude.  40 seconds isn’t a long time until you’re already smoked and then have to hold 106 pounds at chest level.  You’re mind says stop, set that shit down but you say no and keep holding on.  Breathe under the weight.  Keep tight.  Squeeze your glutes, brace your abs and hold tight.  It’s only 40 seconds…  The relief comes from shaking off the lactic acid with the rowing or roping.  But this too, you gotta go hard.  Hit it.  Hammer it out.  Because these ropes are getting heavy.  The first round has a little suck to it, second round straight up sucks, you’ll have no clue how you got through round three and well, heck if we survived round three, we can do one more for sure.

If you got the equipment, by all means, do the original.  If not, understand the theme and get creative.  In this case, that’s breathing while under a load or weight and pushing through the urge to quit.  So if you’re fitness level is light or you have NO equipment, try doing a plank for 40 seconds followed by running in place/knee-highs for 40 seconds.  Anything that goes from static to explosive.  Single bell?  What about Goblet Hold with Swings?  Get it?  Make your own Tailpipe as long as it gets you out of your comfort zone.  That’s where the real growth happens and I don’t just mean muscle.

Till next time!  Drop a comment below if you have a question!

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