Ketone Supplement: Who should take them?

Should I take a Ketone Supplement?

Ketone SupplementRecently at Rich Man’s Gym we received an email from a woman whose experience, I’m guessing, is not uncommon.  Does this sound like you?

I’m no health fitness addict but try to keep myself on the healthy side of life (note: I said try)  I’ve been [doing] ketosis eating habits off and on over the years and found it worked well but often found the amount of protein consumed caused my liver discomfort.  I’m currently working 12hr days early AM and night, I’m constantly in a heavy cloud of brain fog ,no energy period. I had to give up my local gym as aside no time I had no energy.  My eating habits are hideous; coffee, salads fruit if lucky and some protein (likely more coffee than the other) I do manage to get out to my garage on the treadmill/cross trainer 3x a week and weights when I have any energy.  I track my weight, BMI, body fat etc. via Buerer Scales.  At 45yrs, I’m not doing too bad but would like to improve.  What stood out the most for me was your comment about the reduced brain fog…  If you have the time to reply and give me your thoughts I’d really appreciate it immensely.

Is this the ideal candidate for a Ketone Supplement?

My response, was as follows:  “I had been relatively ketogenic before going on Keto//OS.  I was drinking the buttered coffee w/ MCT oil in the morning and in the afternoon.  I also take Alpha Brain by Onnit.  I’m a big fan of Onnit.  I take their MCT Oil as well as a few other supplements.  They are pricey but the quality is second to none.  Reason I’m mentioning that is, the Alpha Brain and the MCT Oil has helped a little with clarity but not enough to make a definitive statement about clearing up brain fog which would still be present.  It wasn’t until I started with Keto//OS did I notice a significant reduction in brain fog.  It hardly ever happens now.  Went from daily to very rare.  Ketones + what little sugar I get from veggies is what fuels my noggin and I feel great.  Endurance is WAY up to.  Prepping to run my first 10K on July 9th. I also lift Russian Kettlebells and train in a CrossFit style   …even if you don’t try Keto//OS, I would HIGHLY suggest increasing your intake of healthy fats to somewhere between 65-75% of your total daily calories.  20% from protein and then whatever’s left from carbs.  I eat 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass and then limit my carbs to 50 grams a day with attention on high fiber from veggies.  Rest is all good fat.  Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Fish Oil, Avocados, nuts, seeds, etc.  That by itself should help with the brain fog and get your body even more fat-adapted.

The Keto//OS is a supplement.

A ketone supplement should be taken in addition to good dietary habits, it’s not a replacement.  With that being said, I recommend the product all day long to anyone looking for a clean energy boost, better sleep and of course significant reduction in brain fog.

Does this sound like you?

Ketone SupplementBusy as EFF, you do your best to eat right and workout yet still find yourself relying on stimulants and sugar to make it through the day?  In some Morpheus like moment, what if I told you, your body already has all the energy it needs?

Your body stores it on your backside, around your waist…  you know where it goes.  The challenge is, can you get your body to use it instead of hanging on to it for dear life?  Once you get the body to release it, you have energy for days.  Literally.  Yesterday I jogged 5 miles in under 60 minutes after a 17 hour fast.  The only nutrition I had was coffee and one serving of Keto//OS mixed with a gram of Leucine and a gram of Lysine.  Both Ketogenic amino acids that are great for fat burning and muscle sparing.  Point?  You already have the fuel.  Getting your body to let the fat go isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  The supplement part is where Keto//OS comes in.  It primes your fat burning furnace and helps you transition from sugar burning to fat burning.

The brain can function quite well on ketones and since there is an ample supply, the minimal sugar you ingest will go to fuelling the parts of the brain that must have sugar.  When the body is in ketosis, there’s more energy and greater fat-burning.  Additionally, the brain has a much better environment for neuron repair, recovery, and function.  Adding a ketone supplement will help.  Soon you’ll be operating with a clear head, improved attention, alertness, and better social functioning…  Finally!

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