Definition of self–worth

Simple definition of self–worth

definition of self-worthWhat is your worth?  How would you answer the question, what are you worth?  Do you know what you are worth to you?  Have you ever given your worth a look?  Let’s first consider the definition of self-worth as defined by Merrium-Webster:

: a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect

Slightly obvious, right?  Now, according to Merrium-Webster, the term self-worth was first used in 1944.  It comes from self-esteem.  That term has been around since 1657.

Self–esteem:  a confidence and satisfaction in oneself :  self-respect

Self-worth, however, has another deeper level if you ask me.  Breaking down that word, you have self and you have worth.  Self is you.  Self is me.  In Latin, there is suus which means one’s own.  Self.  Then we add a hyphen and the word worth.

Full Definition of worth

Worth can be a verb, an adjective, and a noun.  As a verb, it means to become.  As an adjective, worth describes value, and as a noun, it is the value.

1a :  monetary value <farmhouse and lands of little worth>

1b :  the equivalent of a specified amount or figure <a dollar’s worth of gas>

2:  the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held <a literary heritage of great worth>

3a :  moral or personal value <trying to teach human worth>

3b :  merit, excellence <a field in which we have proved our worth>

What is your worth?

definition of self-worthSo now that we understand these words a little better, what question becomes, what is your worth?  It is time for your definition of self–worth.  Yours that is.  What are you worth?  The answer, mind you should have nothing to do with what you think, feel or believe you are worth.  Another factor you don’t need to include here is your past.  What has happened doesn’t have to give power to what will happen.  That’s a choice you make.  Your self-worth should be determined strictly by your potential.  By what you are capable of.  This is why your past is irrelevant and why it doesn’t have to be a factor.  Look at a diamond.  Fossilized carbon that’s been subjected to extreme pressure and heat over millions of years.  What makes that valuable?  It’s the final product.  So what is carbon worth?  What’s it’s potential?

Your truth self-worth should always be a factor of what you’re truly capable of.

Back to you.  Your truth self-worth should always be a factor of what you’re truly capable of.  What’s your potential?  What’s your potential as a human being?  As a spiritual being?  As a lover, husband/wife, mother/father, friend, as a member of the community, society, country, or planet.  What is your potential?

So, let’s take a look at the potential of an apple seed because this tiny little thing will eventually become a tree.  Solid wood that bears delicious fruit.  Now back to you again.  You started out as a cell.  Now you’re a living, breathing human being.  Human being’s have enormous potential.  Look at what we’ve done already and imagine what we can accomplish.  Back to the apple seed.  Goes in the ground, gets the right nutrients, the right amount of water and sun and as a result, it’s growth into a tree is inevitable.

Conclusion:  Nurture Yourself

If you think you may be lacking in self-worth it’s because you’re not caring for yourself as a farmer would his apple tree.  Are you nurturing yourself?  The goal here is to get you to see your true potential.  There’s no doubt about getting an apple tree from an apple seed.  Why is there doubt about what you’re capable of?  See your potential.  You have to see it first.  Then know it.  Know it with as much certainty as the farmer knows about his apple tree.  Lastly, it’s time for action.  If you are the seed, you need to nurture your potential.  Help it to sprout, blossom, grow and produce fruit.  That will come from training and study, eliminating the weeds and parasites that can damage your crop and making sure your seed is getting enough sunlight.  Meaning if you’re in a dark place, move into the light.  Nurture yourself.

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