Stair Running Programs for Maximum Fat Loss and Muscularity

Stair Running Programs

Three Stair Running Programs for Maximum Fat Loss and Muscularity

Are you a stair runner?  Look, I’ll be the first one to tell you, if you want, you can cancel your gym membership and workout anywhere.  It doesn’t take much to get in the best shape of your life.  If you have a kettlebell, you’re essentially set.  Add a pull up bar and life is good.  Between the bell and bar, you got everything you need.  Now if you happen to have a good 50 to 100 yards of stairs to run, you’re in Rich Man’s Gym territory now.  If you haven’t sucked wind in a while, I’ve got three stair running programs you can follow for maximum fat loss and muscularity.  The purpose of these stair running programs is functional fitness that burns fat while tones and shapes the muscle.

Stair Running Program ONE:

The following program will have your cardio in check, tone them maxresdefaultbuttocks and round out the shoulders.  You want to sprint to the top of the stairs and then once you get to the top, drop and crank out 25 push ups.  Your trip back down the stairs will be your rest period.  Sort of.  You want to head down with your arms up, fists at your temple in a fighters high guard.  [See image on the right.]

The purpose of this will be muscular endurance and lactic acid buildup which has the potential to fire up growth hormone and that’s good for maximum muscularity and fat loss.  Also, have you ever seen a boxer with weak shoulders?  While you may never step in a ring, consider emulating the training habits of fighters.  Most of them are in amazing shape.  You kind of have to be to do what they do.

  • Sprint to top of the stairs
  • 25 push ups
  • Jog back down in high guard

Start with 4 – 5 rounds.  Keep the rest low.  Once you’re confident with the 5 rounds, start doing this for time.  Work up to 20 minutes, then 25 minutes, and finally 30 minutes.  Main target should be 12 rounds in 30 minutes.  Arms UP!

Finisher:  3 minutes of old school sit ups.  How many can you do in 3 minutes.  Get after it.

Stair Running Program TWO:  

Step one, sprint to the top.  That will be a constant thing here.  Run these stairs as if you’re getting chased by a zombified Usain Bolt.

Sprint to top of the stairs then do 15 kettlebell swings.  You pick the weight park-bench-workout-12of the bell, just make sure it’s a solid 15 reps.  Hurry back down to the bottom and then sprint back up.  This time when you get to the top, find a bench or ledge or something high enough to jump up and down on 15 times.  Hurry back down again and jam back up to the top.  At the top this time drop and gimme 15 burpees.  This will suck, you’ve been warned.  Use this third trip down to get your wind back.  Doesn’t mean you get to take your time, just catch your breath on the way down.  Trust me, you’ll be out of breath.  Fourth time you run up the stairs you got 15 push ups at the top followed by 15 sit ups.

  • Sprint to top + 15 Kettlebell Swings
  • Sprint to top + 15 Box Jumps
  • Sprint to top + 15 Burpees
  • Sprint to top + 15 Push Ups + 15 sit ups

This would be considered ONE round.  You’re mission, should you choose to accept it would be to work up to 4 rounds of this.  Probably not gonna need a “finisher” on this one.

Stair Running Program THREE:  

The final one of the three stair running programs is simple.   Simple doesn’t screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-9-46-41-pmalways mean easy though.  This will also require a gut check, some personal ethics and a little humility because only you know what you’re capable of and only you know your true strength.  You also are the only one who know’s your true limit.  These stair running programs need to push your limits and take you out of your comfort zone.

  • Sprint to the top of the stairs + 10 push ups with a weighted vest.  (as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes)

Use a weight vest that scares you just a little bit.  Pick one that has you going, “I don’t know man….  might be too heavy…?”  That’s the one you want to use.  For me, right now, it’s 40 pounds.  I’ve done this once and knew immediately I was over my head and probably not going to finish the workout.  That’s where you want to be both mentally and physically.  When you’re there, go ahead and finish anyway.  That’s you breaking through.  This is your power, your drive, your inner strength and fire coming out.  That’s you proving to yourself you’re capable of so much more.  Then you move this newly discovered strength into the rest of your life.  Can you dig that?  I knew that you could.

Finisher:  Flutter Kicks and Shoulder Bridges :30 work / :15 rest 10 rounds.

Don’t go short cutting the finisher either.  You’re T-Spine will thank you after lugging an extra 40 pounds around for 20 minutes.

Questions, comments and criticism goes below.  If you try any of theses and want to either thank me or cuss me out, do it here:

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