Weight Vest Training

Weight Vest TrainingWeight Vest Training at Rich Man’s Gym

This post will be about getting after it with a weight vest.  At some point you may find the need to raise the intensity or resistance.  You may also be strapped for time and only have a short period to get your smoke-fest on.  Weight vest training may be the answer you’re looking for.  Guys in the military are rucking 10 -20 miles with 45 pounds on them PLUS armor, weapons and ammo.  Increasing your bodyweight increases work capacity, burns more calories and strengthens the lungs.  Literally.  Lay down, put a 45 pound plate on your chest and do deep breathing.  Try it.  It sucks.  Now do that for several miles.  But oh the sweet relief when it comes off!  You must know pain to truly appreciate pleasure.51xrvxzsbyl

So for those of you looking to 10X your calisthenics, we have 150 reps of fun and frivolity.  Warm up with Jumping Jacks first.  Put on your weight vest next (I’m doing this with a 40lb vest from Valeo – see image on the left).  Start with pull ups, then dips, then push ups, finish with deep knee bends rest and repeat.  Five times…  yup…  five times.  Sorry, not sorry.  You can do it.  Trust me.

150 Proof: A Rich Man’s Gym WOD

WARM UP:  10 minutes of Jumping Jacks 45 seconds of work/15 seconds rest 10 rounds


  • 3 pull ups
  • 6 dips
  • 9 push ups
  • 12 deep knee bends

Can you get this 20 in under 20 minutes?  If so, you’re on the right track.  That’s 150 total repetitions.  But how long did it take?  If under 30 minutes but not quite 20 minutes, that’s your target.  Hit this workout twice a week and keep at it until you can get-er-done in under 20.

Once you get to 20 minutes though, the challenge will be 15 minutes.  If you’re over 30 minutes, the vest is too heavy.  Pull some weight off.

FINISH:  Typically a finisher is just that.  A finisher.  Most likely, if you’re doing this right, you’re already finished.  What you want to do is lighten up a bit.  Go for a jog.  Not a run.  A jog.  Give me 1-2 easy miles.  Cruising speed.  Not a jogger?  Do it anyway.  Or if jogging isn’t real for whatever reason,  go for a brisk walk.  Another option would be Alternating Hanging Leg Raises and Sit Ups.  30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest.  10 rounds.  Bottom line here is finish with some easy movement.  10 – 15 minutes of easy movement.

Weight Vest Training:  What to expect

weight vest training As if this writing, I’ve done this workout twice.  First time was grueling took almost 30 minutes.  I didn’t time it exactly so I’m guessing in the time but I know it was over twenty minutes.  Second attempt a few days later, I did time it and came in at 19:52.  The one thing that stands out the most is that ALL the muscles of your upper body involved in breathing and expanding your lungs to bring in oxygen are getting worked.  Also, that area called “the core” is being engaged in a far different way with all the stabilizer muscles of your lower body kicking in to manage this sudden weight gain.  The vest gets heavy real fast.

What I like most about this challenge and why it’s good for you is that you will have to strengthen your mind and spirit to get through this.  Not just your body.  Pushing past the urge to stop, to quit, and to give up, will help you in every area of your life.  Being able to breath under weight (pressure) will carry over into “real life.”  Finishing this better or faster then the last time is a win, a victory and build confidence in your ability to get sh*t done.  This is not just a physical workout.

Make sure to leave a comment with YOUR victories, results and weight vest training experiences…

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