#RogerThat: What it means to me


#RogerThat:  What it means to me.

From Roger, used circa 1940 in UK and US military communication to represent “R” when spelling out a word. “R” is the first letter in received, used to acknowledge understanding a message. “ROGER” for “received” in spoken usage in air traffic radio parlance by 1950. (per Wiktionary).

So #RogerThat actually means “received that.”  David Goggins has Roger That Mentality.  To me Roger That goes beyond just taking orders.  This is about doing the right thing.

#RogerThat:  What are you receiving?

When you’re on the letter “G” and you’re doing 10 lunges per leg when you’re legs are already blasted form the 50 squat jacks you just did courtesy of the letter “O” you’re probably not to interested in keeping on.  But you have this work to do.  Sure, you can take a break or even quit.  But that’s not what #RogerThat is about.  The right thing to do right now is to finish; the right thing to do is to push through your desire to quit; and the right thing to do is to outgrow your pain.

Your brain is looking to keep you safe and your brain doesn’t like change.  Your rational, reasonable mind prefers homeostasis.  The body doesn’t always do well with change.  This is where #RogerThat comes into play.  You’ve got people in your life who have tried over and over to convince you to be careful, play it safe, and not take any risks.  And for many of us, those voices echo in our mind when the going get’s tough.  Whether those voices win or lose this battle is 100% up to you.

#RogerThat it’s on you!

Every lunge, burpee and squat jack you do it a choice.  On a run, the next step is always more important then the last one.  And so it is in life.  Your entire life is your choice.  If you’re in a bad situation, you’ve chosen to be there and stay there.  The sooner you #RogerThat and take full responsibility the better off you’ll be.  You can now chose the right thing to do.

Use this workout, use doing the hard stuff, use the things you don’t want to do to forge a better you by making the right decisions.  You know what’s right and you have plenty in the tank.  David Goggins has said after all he’s put his body through, he still hasn’t found his limit yet.  Wayne Dyer reminds us that we are infinite beings having a temporary human experience.  So your limits are self imposed.  They’re choices.

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