#YouVsYou Lessons Learned

#YouVsYou Lessons Learned

#YouVsYou Lessons Learned

What happens when it’s #YouVsYou?  This is one of those workouts that while hard, proves that 99.9% of the time, this whole thing is really just a mental game.  Jesse Itzler’s book, Living With A SEAL, delivers powerful lessons from the life experience of David Goggins.  One of which is when you think you’re done, you’re really only about 40% of the way there.  Considering that Goggins has yet to find his limit, anytime we throw in the towel early is really us just quitting on ourselves.  If this is what was ordered up, this is what gets done.  Excuses don’t exist here.  As Tony Robbins put it, “results or reasons.”  There were two key lessons that emerged from the #YouVsYou workout…

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#YouVsYou Lesson One:

The first lesson from #YouVsYou is that YOU decide YOUR outcome.  This lesson applies to everything you do in life.  As I was looking at the fact that I was about to do 30 burpees followed by 50 squat jacks TWICE, I couldn’t help but recognize that this workout had a very high suck factor going into it.  However, I realized quickly that that didn’t mean I couldn’t do it or that it was beyond my capabilities.  My ability to finish was simply a choice.  Also, just because you know it’s going to suck, doesn’t mean you don’t do it.  It just means it sucks.  Or maybe not.  Maybe that too is a decision?  You know what doesn’t suck?  Finishing something that does suck.  That does not suck at all.  In fact, finishing something that sucks is highly rewarding.

Remember, Rich Man’s Gym is about strength of body, mind and spirit.  How do you decide your outcome in everyday life?  You choose what kind of day you’re going to have and you choose what kind of experiences you’re going to have with the people you encounter.  Everything that happens to you during the day is a direct result of the choices you make.  Good or bad, nothing happens to you.  It happens because of you.

What kind of workout is this going to be?  How will this day go?  Will this meeting I have in an hour be a great meeting?  Good, bad, win, lose, grueling or easy; you make that decision at the beginning.  You chose the outcome.

#YouVsYou Lesson Two:

Your conviction regarding the outcome you choose will determine the level of success of the outcome you chose.  Are you a loser?  Me neither.  I’m a winner.  In fact, being a loser is totally a decision you’re making every day, every situation, every outcome.  Even the greatest of greats lose.  Winners know how to turn loss into victory by learning.  Another thing GOATS do is have high levels of conviction going into it.

Same situation, different mindset:

  • “Man, I just hope I finish…”
  • “Watch this, I’m gonna crush this mudda fugga…”

Who do you think will actually finish this?  So what if it looks hard?  Who care if you know this is about to suck at the highest level?  So what if you don’t want to do it?  Not only are we choosing outcomes, we’re choosing the level of the outcome.  “Crush it!”  “Kill it!”  “This workout ain’t got nothing on me!”  “I am the greatest!”  “I can’t be stopped.”

What are you saying to yourself at the start of the day, the workout, the appointment, the challenge that just presented itself?  What’s your level of conviction, certainty, and confidence?

This is all about your mind and spirit.

Your body is just along for the ride and will respond according to the programming you put in there and the programming you allow to stay in there.

31 minutes and 27 seconds later I finished #YouVsYou with a deeper awareness of my potential.  My boss Grant Cardone and I advise our clients to work to their potential, not their quota.  These are one of the many traits of greatness.  Spiritually, if we are really infinite beings have a temporary human experience, then there is no real limit.  Our quota is just something we give ourselves to hide from the fact that we are a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.  Think on that difference…

Think on how you (we) limit ourselves by judging what we “think” can’t be done.  You will surprise yourself when you start selecting outcomes and then believing in their fruition with full conviction.  Win or learn.  You’re not a loser.

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