#2017ofEverything Debrief May Results

#2017ofEverything Debrief May Results

#2017ofEverything Debrief May Results

So for the #2017ofEverything challenge, month of May, what happened?  I got 22 workouts in.  Allowed myself to get derailed due to some travel, made up for it with a weekend grind session and then pushed myself to stay focused on the finish.

WARNING:  Putting it off is SO easy to do.  “It” can be anything you know you need to do.  Complacency is always around the next corner with open arms.  It’s OK, you can do it tomorrow.  You’re in a different time zone, of course you’re tired.  Maybe you can get one in tonight?  Half now, half later….  Later?  By then, it’s too late.  You lost to yourself.

You vs You means you truly are your biggest competition.

So I had a good pace going but lost track while on the road.  What was the consequence?  On Saturday the 27th I handled my deficit.  #The500Workout, #TheHumptyDance and #JohnnyWall plus 2 hours of jiu-jitsu.  Sunday was #PlankYouVeryMuch and #FortyByNature.

LESSON:  I had enough juice to do five workouts plus a 2 hour jiu-jitsu class in 36 hours.  Yet somehow I allowed my brain to win while on the road.  Any reason you can think of as to why not is really just an excuse and the bottom line here is I let it happen.  I went into may at about 80% full commitment and it showed.  No more.  Not in June.

For those of you following along, mark my commitment now to hit Platinum in June.  I have no idea how that will happen, but I know that it will.  If you want to go in on this with me, CLICK HERE and get committed.



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