5 Hard Questions That Will Change Your Life

5 Hard Questions That Will Change Your Life

5 Hard Questions That Will Change Your Life

Recently I received an email with 5 questions in there that as I read them, realized that the answers to these 5 question will change your life.  They’ll change your life for the better too.  And the whole thing got me thinking…

Let’s go over these 5 hard questions real quick and then let’s talk about what to about it.

  • Are you as financially well-off as you want to be?
  • Are you achieving your life goals?
  • Are you tolerating a job you dislike?
  • Do you have friends you truly feel close to?
  • Are you enjoying life?

So first thing we should look at is how did you answer these questions.  When you look at them and I also believe one of the reasons they are hard questions is they are polar questions.  It’s a yes or no.  There’s no actual maybe here.  If you’re trying to get around yes or no with maybe, allow me to suggest that it’s because you’re not ready to admit the real answer is no.

Now that that reality has come to bare, let me say this.  If the answer or answers is no, it’s OK.  One of the first steps in conscious creation is to look at your present situation and just see it.  Confront it.  The word confront literally means “with face.”  To face up to something.

But these answers are how you start.  And if the answer is no and since that is OK, we can now go about creating something better.

Are you as financially well-off as you want to be?

The first of these 5 hard questions that will change your life is asking you to confront your current financial condition.  Are you as financially well-off as you want to be?  Again, it’s a yes or no thing.  If the answer was no, as I suspect it is for a lot of you, it’s time to get your money right and that starts with getting right with your money.

There’s a pretty good chance you were taught some untruths about money.  So let’s get a couple things straight.  Money is an inanimate object that is not evil and it will not make you happy.  You make you happy.  Money is simply a tool that will provide you with choices and freedom.   It’s the love of money for money’s sake that gets you into trouble.  And it is also safe to say that the acquisition of money or lack there of will reveal one’s true character.

The reason this question comes first is that we live on an economic planet.  No matter how you slice it, money makes the world go round.  It’s incredibly abundant and you can have as much of it as you want.  The question now becomes, can you collect enough money to handle the other 4 questions?

[NOTE:  TO START GETTING YOUR HEAD RIGHT ABOUT MONEY READ:  The Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone]

Are you achieving your life goals?

Remember when you were a kid and people would ask what you wanted to be when you grow up?  They’d ask if you’re going to be like your mom or your dad and do what they do.  And what did you say?  What did you want to be and do and have?  One thing I think I can guarantee is that your answers didn’t have any limits on them.

Now if what you said back then is not matching your current reality, again, it’s OK.  You’re here now and the reason it’s not is you didn’t give it enough fuel.  Do not waste energy on blame or excuses.  Stop trying to explain it away and instead start looking for fuel.  Maybe you need a new goal, I don’t know, but what I do know is that some where along the line you stopped giving fuel to your goals and dreams.  You stopped dreaming big and then your interest began to decline, you got board, frustrated, then you got down right pissed which lead to depression and then you drew the false conclusion it wasn’t for you and so you quit.

The good news is you can start over.  You can ALWAYS start over.  You’re never too [insert bullshit excuse here].  Start setting some goals.  Make them big, exciting and a bit scary.  And then take action.  Lots of it.

[NOTE:  For a full understanding of dreaming big and doing more, make sure you read The 10X Rule also by Grant Cardone]

Are you tolerating a job you dislike?

Man, imagine just handling this, what that would do for your over all well being?  Most of us spend more time at work than at play.  Also OK.  Work is life.  Literally.  If you’re not as financially well off as you’d like and you’re not working towards your goals and dreams, it’s time to upgrade your source of income and revenue.

If you dread what you do for a living, no wonder you’re not where you’d like to be.  Today I saw this quote that said,

Find 3 hobbies:  one that makes you smart, one that makes you wealthy and one that makes you fit.”

You like that?  I sure do.  Why shouldn’t your income come from something that benefits you?  Oh, because that’s not how the real world works?  Who taught you that?

How does what you do help others?  Because one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in life is that as long as you are in the service of others you will always be on purpose.

Your legacy is build on the people and lives you impact.

So if you’re feeling off purpose and hate what you’re doing, there’s no need to continue to introvert when you can make the decision to extrovert out and go get lost in the service of others.

Look at self-made millionaires, they’ve all created something that served and helped people.  If you want to make a million dollars, find a way to help a million people and start where you work now.  You don’t have to quit your job yet either, because where ever you go, there you are.  Find ways to serve where you’re at first, then upgrade from there.

Do you have friends you truly feel close to?

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before.  You are the sum total of the 5 people you surround yourself with.  The people around you shape you.  Jesus Christ knew this so well he went out and got 12.  They shape you and you shape them.  Iron sharpens iron.  Your friends and their attitudes and beliefs will become yours.  Attitudes are more contagious than disease.  Dis-ease.  Get that.  If the people around you are taking you out of ease, out of flow, out of peace and joy, it’s time to upgrade.  If you’re “friends” have given up on their dreams, settled for less, are apathetic and hopeless, they are dangerous and will only hurt you.  It’s time to get new friends that will help you, encourage you and enable you to say YES to all of these questions.  You can’t do it alone, nor should you have to.

Are you enjoying life?

Life should be enjoyed.  And look, let’s be real here, there are a lot of people on the planet right now who are not only not enjoying life, but they are suffering.  So part of hitting the first four questions right should be about helping more people suffer less and enjoy life more.  Life should be enjoyed.

Now suffering is a natural part of life and living and makes it possible to appreciate all the goodness life has to offer as well.

Here are 3 tips to enjoy life better:

  1. Practice Gratitude:  Try adding my Gratitude 12 exercise to your morning routine.  List out 4 things from your past your grateful for, 4 things from your present and 4 things in your future that your grateful from.  This simple exercise can shift your focus from what you lack to what you have, promoting a more positive outlook on life.
  2. Be Present:  Be here, in this moment.  Too often, we get caught up in the past or worried about the future, missing out on the beauty and experiences of the here and now. Being everywhere but here will leave you reckless.  Incorporate meditative breath work into your day and practice situational awareness.  Observe beauty and look for it everywhere.
  3. Pursue Passions (get a hobby):  Go out and find and indulge in activities that genuinely excite and fulfill you. Whether it’s a creative hobby, a sport, or a cause you’re passionate about, dedicating time to your interests can bring joy and purpose to your life. These pursuits can provide a sense of accomplishment and create lasting memories, making your life more enjoyable and meaningful.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  5 Hard Questions That Will Change Your Life

If your current reality does not match up with what you think it should be, know first and foremost that there is something you can do about it.  You are not stuck no matter how stuck you may feel or think you are.  And if your initial answers to these 5 hard questions were no, the simple solution is that in these areas, there’s something you just don’t know about it.  It’s a call to action to get the right information and increase your knowledge.

And last thing, you’re not alone in this.  We all have places in our lives to level up.  So go level up.  Make sure to leave a comment on what your key takeaways are and what kind of action you’ll be taking as a result.  Thank you for your time and attention today!