A Place To Remember.Life Interview With Jared McReavy

A Place To Remember.Life Interview With Jared McReavy

Recently sat down with my buddy Jared McReavy to talk some shop and answer 5 key questions.

  1.  Who is David Bradley?
  2.  What do you aspire to be?
  3.  What is your greatest success?
  4.  Do you have any regrets and what is your take on the word?
  5.  What advice would you leave for future generations?

Here are the notes from my conversation with Jared:

Who is David Bradley?

I am an infinite being having a temporary human experience!

• Sales & Marketing Manager for Grant Cardone
• Author of How To Stop Smoking Without Killing Anyone
• Founder of RichMansGym.com

“Rich Man’s Gym is about strength of body, mind and spirit. Here we train for a strong body, mind and spirit from the outside in. Through development of the body, by challenging the physical limits and pushing through our own mental road blocks we forge our mind and will. By pressing forward and learning to trust in the higher powers. To re-connect our spirit with the Universal Source of all energy and life.”

What do you aspire to be?

The best and most complete version of ME possible – everything my creator intended when we started this journey together.  Every day you have to do something to get a little better then you were yesterday

What is your greatest success?

Get back to me on Oct 9th.  On October 8th, I’m running 27.2 miles.  One of my favorite quotes is “go the extra mile, there’s no one on it”

WHY and I going the extra mile?  Grew up being told I was small and weak.  I was small, slow, poor at sports and not physically gifted.  Asthmatic through 7-9th grade, started smoking cigarettes when I was 16.  Pack and half a day for 15 years.  By my mid 30s I had real drinking problem, plantar fasciitis and massive unresolved grief from the deaths of 3 dear friends and my mother over a 10 year span – I was in bad shape.

So on 10/8, my mother’s birthday, I’m running up PCH 27.2 (a marathon +1) to show people how truly capable they are and to show myself how truly capable I am.

I’m also running for those who can’t.  Jeff, Doug, Joseph, Mom, Liam, and Vets.  The 3 charities I support:

Do you have any regrets and what is your take on the word?

NO:  Everything I effed up made me who I am today

Definition of regret:  a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.

By that definition, I’ve got two disappointments
1. Didn’t get to say good by to Jeff, Doug, and Joseph
2. Didn’t serve in the military

What advice would you leave for future generations?

3 of my favorite GC Quotes:

  • Success is your duty obligation and responsibility –
  • Nothing happens to you it happens because of you –
  • Average is a failing formula –

It was a great conversation and I’m looking forward to the next one on A Place To Remember.Life