How you control your workouts


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How you control your workouts

On Saturday mornings, if the tide is out, I like run along God’s Treadmill.  God’s treadmill is, in reality, Morro Strand State Beach.  It goes from Morro Rock to the Cayucos Pier.

This particular run was a 10K.  6 miles.  At about 3/4 through the first mile the batteries on my headphones died.  So I was left with the little voice in my head for the next 5.25 miles.  You know the voice I’m talking about?  The one that tries to get you to quit.  That one.  The one I usually drown out with inspiring music.

So it was a me vs me kinda morning.  Well in true David Goggins fashion, “Roger That.” and let’s “get after it.”  I’m in control of my workouts and that includes what I do with the thoughts bouncing around in my noggin.

Good news is I wound up setting a PR.  But here’s what I took away from my run.  I’m always looking for lessons when I’m out there and here’s what we got on a Saturday morning running on God’s treadmill.

Are you in control of your life?

Control means that you can start something, adapt and change along the way and most importantly, finish.

At Rich Man’s Gym we train for strength and conditioning of body mind and spirit.  When you start your workout you may want to quit, you may want to lower the target, you may want to just get through it.

Being in control means that you decide not just to finish but HOW you’re going to finish. Will you play full out? Will you just do enough or will you justify giving up early?  We all quit on ourselves sometimes but don’t ever make sense of it.

How you control your workouts is a direct reflection of how you control your life.