David Goggins: How to Make Yourself Immune to Pain

David Goggins: How to Make Yourself Immune to Pain

Tom Bilyeu from Impact Theory sits down with David Goggins from Living With A SEAL fame (amongst MULTIPLE other accomplishments) and take a deep dive into living at your true potential.

Here’s the main lesson for me.  Whatever it is you’re going through right now, that’s all it you’re actually doing, is going THROUGH it.  It’s not forever and the odds are highly unlikely you’ll die.

There’s a lot in here you can learn from about yourself, what you’re actually capable of and what you can endure.  You will also get very clear on the reality that you will never reach your true potential and be comfortable at the same time.

Rich Man’s Gym is about strength and conditioning for body, mind, and spirit.  The body, mind and spirit all require resistance and stretching in order to grow, strengthen and blossom.

David Goggins found himself as a teenager at the crossroads of cause and effect.  Mr. Goggins realized that no help was coming, that he had to become his own here and since he was going to suffer either way, he decided to choose his suffering rather than be the victim.  He decided to become a Navy SEAL.

David Goggins story will leave you in nothing but awe.   In fact, this entire interview will leave you in nothing but awe.  The dark side that David Goggins talks about fascinates the crap out of me.  You can hear Tim Grover cover it in his book Relentless and the angle from which Mr. Goggins discusses it adds real insight into how to use your dark side and not be controlled by it.  Wannabe Jedi’s and Padawans, take note!

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