Exogenous Ketones: How to Pruvit on the cheap

Exogenous Ketones on a budget

Exogenous KetonesExogenous Ketones are entering the supplement world and in my honest opinion has the potential to be the next creatine.  The challenge comes in with how do you take it and not break your bank?  For many, it’s the most they’ve ever spent on a supplement.

So, here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to go over some ways to get the most from your Keto/OS, talk about the best times to take it and how to hack the hack if you will…

The first thing you want to do is identify what you want to get out of Keto/OS.  Do you follow a ketogenic or modified Atkins diet?  Are you looking to build muscle and need more fuel in the gym?  is it a goal to  lose weight or to finally get a six-pack?  You’re a runner and want more endurance?  Looking to improve your overall quality of life with better sleep, more energy throughout the day and less brain fog?  See, Keto/OS helps with all of that, so let’s look at a couple options.

15 SERVINGS OTG (on the go) $85 > LEARN MORE

The cost is $4.72 per packet.   I’ll spend more for a grande quad bone dry cappuccino.   You can basically do Keto/OS for $21.25 a week.  You’ll spend more to fill up the gas tank in your car.  This is fuel for your body and your body is worth way more than your car.  Three to four servings a week of exogenous ketones.  Basically, every other day.  Keep in mind, if you stretch this out to 3 servings a week as part of your pre-workout or incorporate into intermittent fasting periods, this is 5 weeks of Keto/OS for $85 which brings your weekly cost down to $17 a week.  On the days you don’t take Keto/OS, make sure you’re getting your MCT oil in and keeping the sugar and starch incredibly low.  I get my MCT oil from

On the days you don’t take Keto/OS, make sure you’re getting your MCT oil in and keeping the sugar and starch incredibly low.  I get my MCT oil from ONNIT.  They also have emulsified MCT oil in 3 separate flavors.   (You can get a little tip/hack right here on the MCTs if you like.)  If you go this route, you will want to take it either before you exercise or as your breakfast that day.  I find that it curbs my appetite quite nicely so if you do intermittent fasting or you’re on The Warrior Diet, Keto/OS will be a nice addition.


The cost is $4.80 per serving.  If you’re taking it daily, you got one month.  If you follow the above protocol, you got two month’s worth of Keto/OS at every other day.  This will also get you a little more freedom with when you take it and how.  As a pre-workout, I can’t say enough about how exogenous ketones, especially Keto/OS, has helped me.  I don’t crash or gas out anymore.  At some point early in the workout, my body has a moment where it’s like a switch got flipped and I can just go.  Mind you, lactic acid build up is lactic acid build up.  That’s the burn.  Especially when I’m lifting or doing calisthenics in the 8 – 20 plus rep range.  That being said, I think there may be a good argument towards Keto/OS or exogenous ketones being a lactic acid buffer because I sense I have more muscular endurance.  Also, I can speculate that my mVo2 has improved as well.  Taking Keto/OS has given me more energy for endurance type exercise like running and riding my bike.  Interestingly enough, my kettlebell swing endurance is up as well.

30 SERVINGS KAN $133 (with auto ship) > LEARN MORE

This works out to $4.43 per serving.  Probably a good chance you’re already spending this on other stuff that you can drop from your budget and replace with this.  One trip to a coffee house will probably cost more.  Do you drink soda?  If you cut out Diet Coke, you’d save at least a hundred bucks a month, so a KAN of Keto/OS would only cost you 33 dollars because you were already spending the hundred.  Get it?  At that rate, it’s 1.10 per serving.  Again, this is once a day or as a pre-workout.  If you’re going Warrior Diet, Atkins, Modified Atkins, Paleo or Primal, the Keto/OS can literally replace a meal.  Also, if you’re looking to ramp up fat burning, try to exercise in a fasted state.  Take the Keto/OS 45 minutes before training and then hold off one hour before eating again to max out the fat burning and hormone cascades.  The exogenous ketones will help with fueling the training, using fat for fuel and sparing muscle.

The bottom line here is what else are you spending around 150 bucks a month on and is that expenditure moving you towards your health and fitness goals?

My personal suggestion:  If you’re new to all of this, start with the 15 pack.  This is how Pruvit, proved it to me.  I started with a sample.  Tried it, tested it, scrutinized it, grilled people about, read up in, listened to podcasts on it…  basically, I researched the hell out of it because I didn’t want to believe it.  It’s now a staple part of my daily routine and diet.  Now, if you’re already sold, don’t wade in this water, dive in and go all in, set yourself up on the auto-ship.  It’s the best value out there.  You have the money.  You just have to prioritize it into the budget and if your budget is tight, figure our where there are leaks.  If I can help, reach out to me at puravidaetc@gmail.com

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4 thoughts on “Exogenous Ketones: How to Pruvit on the cheap”

  1. Hello,

    I ended up here looking at reviews and researching KETO/OS. I have read all of your relevant posts and I think I should jump in. I am an avid runner, I run around 30 miles per week. I do cross training “Bootcamp” fitness 3-4 times a week. I am consistent and persistent. However I’m at a point where my belly just isn’t disappearing. I want it flat. Based on your pinch results after 30 days, I’m more inclined to think this would help. My diet is pretty spot on, but I probably drink too much alcohol. Can you tell me your thoughts.

    1. Mark – just sent you an email – lotta empty calories in alcohol – make sure you’re drinking a ton of water – ketones WILL help with the flattening of the belly –

    2. Hi there,
      I’ve recently started using ketones but find that while I like the energy and focus boost, I don’t like the appetite suppressant effect of a full pack. I’ve cut back to half and that seems to work well for me. That said, I’d like to loose the belly fat. Problem is, I’m small framed and 111 pounds. If I cut too much out of my calories I very quickly drop too 100 pounds. Can’t do that. Looking for the right combination of food, workout, etc to both loose belly fat and gain muscle mass.
      Thoughts? I work out 6-7 days per week with weights and Bosu ball.

      1. What kind of weight training are you doing? Do some research on Metabolic Conditioning. Also make sure your macros are proportioned correctly.

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