Hot Mess: A Rich Man’s Gym WOD


Hot Mess:  A Rich Man’s Gym WOD

Quick Points:

  • 10 Hill Sprints (50 yards)
  • Battle Ropes and Push Ups (alternating for time 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest ) 10 rounds
  • Total Time:  30 minutes or less

I’m calling this one “hot mess” because that’s what you are going to be when you’re done with this workout!  This will be a sure fire way to light up your sweat glands.  A warm up here is optional.  Sometimes, it’s OK to skip a warm up.  Consider a fireman.  He can’t afford to “warm up” before running into a burning building, sprinting up 3 flights of stairs and rescuing a little kid.  This puts a different stress  on your body which will require a new/different level of adaptation.  So getting after it with high intensity interval training right out of the shoot may prove to put a unique stress on the metabolism.  Here’s the gory details…

10 Hill Sprints (50 yards)

Find a hill.  Mine’s steep and about 50 yards.  Run up that hill with significant urgency.  Get to the top ASAP.  Immediately head back down.  Get down the hill quickly.  This will be your rest period.  And also round one which we can call your “technical warm up.”  Second round should have an added level of intensity and urgency.  Push yourself a little harder each round.  Finish off in under 20 minutes.  Time yourself so next time you can beat your time.

Battle Ropes and Push Ups

I have Battle Ropes from Onnit.  They rock!  So here’s the plan with this.  Set a timer for 10 rounds of 30:30.  Thirty seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest.  Start with the battle ropes.  Do the alternating wave.  For this one.  Classic battle rope drill.  Can’t screw it up.  After hitting that hard for 30 seconds take a 30 second breather and get ready.  After the rest, drop and gimme as many push ups as you can muster in 30 seconds.  Another 30 seconds of rest and that’s one round.  5 rounds later, you’re done.

Are you a hot mess?

At this point you should be a “hot mess.”  Sweat should be pouring out of you by now.  Heart rate will be high and you’ll have some good amounts of lactic acid in your system (By the way, if you’re looking for a way to reduce the burn and still get the gains, check this out).   This workout was designed to bust out when you’re pressed for time, need to engage the whole body and you’re looking for conditioning and fat loss.

Try this one out and let me know your results!