How We Will Save The World

how to save the wold

So I’m pretty sure that if everyone gets on board here, we’re all going to be totally fantastic….   Here’s how to save the world in just a few steps:

Step 1. Get your shit together

Get your shit together[most important step by the way]! Immediately stop worrying about other people’s shit and focus on your shit and get it together. When the plane loses cabin pressure and the oxygen masks drops, you put your mask on first before helping anyone else, including kids. So again, get YOUR shit together and do that first. This is key to how to save the world. That means, work hard, earn your money, pay your way, and create your future.

NOTE: If you think there’s a reason as to why you can’t, isolate that reason and handle it. That’s what it means to get your shit together. There will be obstacles to overcome, but know this, you will always be your biggest obstacle. Not “the man,” not the system, the gov, the illuminati, just you. Stop passing responsibility off to circumstances, because by doing so, you’re only giving these circumstances even more power.

If you have lack in your life, understand that fundamentally, lack of anything will always come 100% back to having a lack of knowledge and/or skill. So, part of getting your shit together is to go get the knowledge, stop making excuses and skill up.

In the immortal words of Frank Zappa, “If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.” Library cards are free, by the way. No excuses. Google “millionaires who didn’t finish college.”

Step 2. Get your immediate family’s shit together

Once and only once step one is handled, it’s time to get your immediate family’s SHIT TOGETHER. Love them, take care of them, support them and be the shinning example of a person who HAS THEIR SHIT TOGETHER so that they too can have their shit together and be the example for others.

Step 3. Help your community get their shit together

Next step then is to ripple out a little further and help your community get their shit together. These are the people in your neighborhood and city. Everyone one of us needs a little help, hope and encouragement sometimes. Start teaching others how to get their shit together. Elevate people, raise people up, teach others how to fish. Do not just give fish away. By just giving fish, you’re actually hurting people. You’re doing more harm than good because it is teaching someone they can’t survive without someone else to give them a fish. If you teach them how to fish and then when they actually catch their own fish imagine how good they will feel when they are self-reliant.

Step 4. Get to work on your state and country

Once these 3 steps get taken care of and are self sustaining, get to work on your state and country. What can you do to help your state/country get it’s shit together? That’s up to you, but you must do something. Find a way to contribute, volunteer, be of service and give of yourself. Giving is the way to real self-esteem and confidence.

Step 5. Level up the planet.

Help this beautiful blue sphere get it’s shit together. Again, start in your immediate sphere of influence and work your way out. This includes the animal kingdom. You must respect and honor all life. Especially if their life is going to be sacrificed for yours. Take real time to honor all the gifts the planet has for us and give back to the planet. Reciprocity wins every time.

Step 6. Get right with your higher power.

Whoever or whatever that is to you doesn’t matter. If you’re atheist, then your higher power is gravity and all the energy that keeps atoms and molecules together. If you’re agnostic, it’s whatever you want it to be and for the rest of you it’s Buddha, Krishna, Allah, and Yahweh (probably the same entity, but that’s a different post altogether). So, when you’re not right with your higher power, you’re missing a crucial element here. Like majorly crucial element. There is more to you than flesh. This is part of getting your shit together. It is coming to terms with being an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience. The thing(s) that make up you, your essence, your spirit, your laughter, your tears, your soul are all eternal. You have to get right with that and live at a purpose greater than you.

And that’s that.  That’s how to save the world.  I could do a long winded summary, but why not keep this whole thing simple. It really doesn’t have to be all that complicated.

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