LiveGood Organic Super Reds Full Review

LiveGood Organic Super Reds Full Review

Let me just start by saying, I have found a very solid and real pre-workout mix.

In addition to that, I’m going to go over why LiveGood Organic Super Reds is a great pre-workout mix and even if you’re not looking for a boost to your workout, why this is something you should be taking on the daily.  PLUS, we’ll be talking about why this product is the best bang for your buck even if you don’t have a LiveGood membership.

Why LiveGood Organic Super Reds?

If you want to live a long life, you must make sure you have a healthy heart!  Kind of a no brainer, right?  And speaking of no brainers, you will get out of your heart and your body what you put into it.  A vitamin rich diet of healthy fruits and veggies is an ideal way to make sure all your vital organs have the nutrients they need to work at optimal levels.

One of the hardest parts of living in this day and age is much of the food people consume is void of actual nutrition which will ultimately lead to a weaker immune system, low energy and libido, brain fog, high blood pressure, etc.

Recently I just did an podcast on leading causes of strokes in young people and nutrition played a HUGE role in that.

This is one of the reasons LiveGood Organic Super Reds is so exciting to me.  It contains the highest amount of fruit and vegetable extracts known to help improve blood flow.

From their website:

…by increasing our body’s production of Nitric Oxide, boosting blood circulation, supporting brain and cognitive function, sexual health, heart health, immune function and helping to maximize your body’s overall health!”

What about LiveGood Organic Super Reds as a Pre-Workout?

Look, a good chuck of pre-workout on the market right now is basically the most legal forms of meth you can find.  Stuffed with caffeine, beta-alinine, niacin and the things you’re going to “feel” like it’s working but really not have any effect on actual performance.  So if you’re looking for a boost before a workout without feeling like Walter White had something to do with it, this is a great option.

How Much Are These Organic Super Reds Anyway?

Retail price for this product is $29.95.  The leading brand is $37.95.  But let’s look a little deeper because the leading brand is $37.95 for 20 servings where as LiveGood is $29.95 for 30 servings.

  • LiveGood Organic Reds per Serving Cost:  $.99
  • Leading Brand per Serving Cost:  $1.89
  • Actual per serving savings:  $26.75
  • Annual savings at one serving per day:  $328.50

But what happens when you become a LiveGood member?  LiveGood offers a Costco style membership which would actually drive the cost down even further.  When you decide to join the LiveGood Family your cost for 30 servings drops to only $18.00 (that’s $.60 per serving).

The LiveGood Membership Cost is simple. You can join for just $9.95 a month, cancel anytime.  Or what a lot of people are doing is saving 20% by getting on an annual Membership which is $99.95 for a whole year.

When Should You Take Your Organic Super Reds?

Honestly you can take it anytime, but some ideal times would be in the morning and right before a workout.  Like 30 minutes or so before.  I find as a pre-workout I can get more work done and seem to have a little more speed.  Also, our natural NO (nitric oxide) levels drop with age so maintaining healthy levels is super important for maintaining a healthy active lifestyle through the years.

LiveGood Organic Super Reds:  What are the Ingredients???

One serving gets 1000mgs of the following:

  • Organic Alfalfa Grass, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Beet Root, and Organic Wheat Grass;
  • plus 500mg of Hawthorne Berry extract,
  • 400mg Aronia Fruit Extract,
  • 300mg of Oat Grass and Spinach,
  • 250mg Pomegranate and 200mg Grape Seed Extract

This is a full suite of high quality organic goodness for your heart and blood flow.  When your blood is flowing good more nutrients get to where they need to be so when you think about recovery from workouts and nutrient distribution positive nitrogen balance is kind of good thing!

Next Steps

If you want to give it a try but aren’t 100% sure on the membership thing, I’d suggest getting your first 30 servings at retail price.  Try it in the morning on non training days and before a workout.  See how you feel.  See if you notice a difference.  If it’s not for you, go back to your name brand, no harm done.  However, if it lives up to your expectation after 30 days, then the smart move is get the membership.  If you’ve already tried it, I’d love your feedback, when you do try it, I definitely want to hear about it and if you have other questions, hit me up!