Macebell Full Body Workout

Macebell Full Body Workout

How to work every muscle group in one workout

The following macebell full body workout will combine the macebell with calisthenics and work every part of your body.  Repeating…  Every. Part. Of. Your. Body.

Warm Up:  10 minutes of Jumping Rope

Work:  Perform 5 rounds of each circuit for time.  See how fast you can complete 5 rounds of each circuit.

[NOTE:  Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you get to throw good technique and proper form out the window.  As fast as you can doesn’t mean to rush the work.  It means do it right.  Do it correctly and compress your rest periods.  Monitor your fatigue and practice each drill.  Don’t let your form and technique slip.]

Macebell Full Body Workout Circuit A

Macebell Full Body Workout Circuit B

Macebell Full Body Workout Circuit C

A couple tips here.

First and foremost, make sure you’re using a weight you can handle.  These mace drills are about movement.  I designed this program to work the entire body delivering time under tension while working with a load that is 99% unbalanced.  Done correctly, each circuit will engage the core, not just the last.

Which leads me to again, mention form.  If you’re not familiar with how to perform these drills, follow the links to video instructions.

For the ring work, you have some options here.  Based on your strength to weight ratio and current level of conditioning, you can choose the intensity of the ring work.  When you do your rows, the angle will determine the resistance and intensity.  For the dips, if you’re super strong, just do dips.  If you’re not strong enough for ring dips, place your feet on a bench and on the decent keep the elbow angle just past the 90 degree mark.  Protect the shoulder, work the tricep.

I get my macebells from Onnit.  They’re high quality.  Yes, I’m an affiliate for Onnit, so if RichMansGym has added value to you and you decide to get yourself one, would you be so kind as to click on the banner below to place your order?  Much appreciated 😉

Frequency, I’ll stack this with running or biking.  Whatever outdoor cardio you select.  Start with doing this twice a week plus two days of cardio training for 3 weeks then go up to 3 days per.  That’s 6 days a week of training so make sure your cardio work is progressive.  Have a light day, medium day and a heavy day.

Finally, if you have a question, drop a comment below.  Here to help and serve!

Macebell Full Body Workout