Post Workout Nutrition At Rich Man’s Gym

Need. Post. Workout. Nutrition.

What is the ideal post workout nutrition?  At Rich Man’s Gym, the sooner you can get your post workout nutrition in you, the better.  You’re body is ready to absorb and distribute to the right places.  Don’t miss this opportunity.  Post workout nutrition is most effective within the first 2 hours after training.  Not feeding the muscle after a hard training session is a recipe for muscle wasting.  If you’re training hard, the metabolism is cranking and you want to try to maximize fat burning, some will tell you to wait 90 minutes before eating after a workout.

Personally, I follow Ori Hofmekler’s Warrior Diet, so I typically train in a “fasted” state which means when I’m done working out, I’m ready to for some nutrition and have no intention of waiting 9 minutes, never mind 90 minutes.

I am following a very specific recipe right now that I’ve put together to do a few things

  1. Get protein quickly
  2. Replace muscle glycogen (sugar) slowly without jacking insulin level
  3. Avoid proteins that are long to digest during the day
  4. Jump start the recovery from training with enzymes, vitamins and minerals

I’ve chosen two plant based protein supplements to use as well as an antioxidant rich powder as well.

So in a tall glass I will mix one serving of Onnit’s Hemp Force with once serving of Vibrant Health’s Maximum Vibrance and one scoop of Trader Joe’s Super Red Drink

This green concoction delivers 38.5 grams of easily digestible protein.  There are 36.8 grams of carbohydrates which can be broken down further to 14 grams of fiber and only 8.4 total grams of sugar.  Fat wise there’s 14.31 grams of healthy fats, mostly from the hemp.  So for post workout nutrition, you really can’t screw this up.

WARNING / NOTE:  This is not the most pleasant tasting beverage in the world.  Sorry.  I’m not in this one for the flavor…

During the week, I’m training in the late afternoon/early evening, so about 90 minutes after the post workout nutrition, I’ll start the warrior feasting of a big green salad or some raw veggies, followed by a protein source (chicken, fish, turkey mostly with an occasionl steak) and cooked veggies.  Occassionally there are black beans and brown rice involved or a whole wheat pasta.  There’s a Spelt Risotto at Trader Joe’s that is to die for!  I also enjoy Melodious Blend which has green garbanzos with red and green lentils.  All good!  On weekends, I’m training in the morning, so I will have my post workout nutrition drink and then stay on super light snacking and raw foods until dinner time and again, it’s on!

It is also note worthy that I’m drinking at least a gallon of water a day.  I have a large 36 oz  glass that I have to fill and drink at least 5 times during the day.  More than a gallon.  Plus, I just got completely hooked on sparkling water, so I’ll take down a whole bottle of that at night.  The body is mostly water, we need it, drink it.

Here’s to good health and strong living!  Let me know what you think and leave a comment below.  Would love to hear what your post workout nutrition looks like!