6 Tips To Make Decisions Faster

6 Tips To Make Decisions Faster

Indecision is a killer!  Indecision effects every area of our lives.  And how does that happen?  The main culprit of indecision is uncertainty.  Think about it for a second.  What is something you’re uncertain about right now?  Your next workout routine?  A change in your nutrition program because you’re not seeing the results you thought you should?  Career or relationship decisions?  Been meaning to rekindle your spiritual path but not sure about going back into “organized religion” because…  

You’re uncertainty slows your progress

A person who is uncertain cannot make decisions faster nor can they take action.  What have you been putting off?   Whatever that something is in your life right now you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t, I can pretty much guarantee there’s something about that you’re not certain about.  You’ll never get anywhere on maybe.  Maybe is hindering not only your progress but your well being and your happiness.

As many of you already know, when not here at Rich Man’s Gym, I’m a 10X Training Facilitator and Coach with Grant Cardone.  One of our partners is Brandon Dawson and he posted on his Instagram account a few month back…

6 Tips To Make Decisions Faster

And we’re going to go over them together and take a deeper dive into each of them.  Here’s the 6.

  1. Think of time as money
  2. Limit your options
  3. Draw a hard line between good and bad
  4. Listen to your gut
  5. Know that decisiveness grows with each decision
  6. Remember that indecision kills

ONE:  Think of time as money

Technically, your time is more valuable than money.  You can always go get more money.  Once time is spent it is gone.  So what are you doing with the time you have that you don’t get back?  Have you every inventoried your day?  What would you find if you inventoried that last 72 hours of your life?

[NOTE:  If you’d like a worksheet to do that, I actually have one.  Shoot an email to david@grantcardone.com and mention this post and I’ll send it to you]

TWO:  Limit your options

When you’re looking at a menu, too many items to choose from only confuses you mare and adds time to your decision.  Keep your options tight and focused on the end result.  If it’s not contributing to the end result, check it without looking back.  If that’s difficult, then just save it for later but remove it from the decision you’re currently on.  Overthinking never helps.

THREE:  Draw a hard line between good and bad

If it’s not good for you, the answer is no.  Period.  Will this make you better or worse?  Does this decision move me closer to or further away from my goals, targets, dreams?  Could this decision hurt me or my loved ones?  This would be a great place to insert more discipline in your life and tuff out hard choices.  And remember, character is what you do when no one’s watching.  And someone is always watching.

FOUR:  Listen to your gut.

Another word for gut here is conscious.  Your gut is your Jiminy Cricket.  Stuck on a decision?  “Always let your conscious be your guide.”  Urges are just urges.  Even the most powerful of urges are still not commands.  The next move is and always will be yours to make.  Your gut can be your connection to the Universe and your higher power.  Be open to it and listen to it.

FIVE:  Know that decisiveness grows with each decision

This is a skillset.  Like a muscle.  The more you work it, the better you get and the stronger you become.  Practice and frequency is the key here.  Even little decisions made quickly will add up.

SIX:  Remember that indecision kills

When was the last time you experienced indecision?  Write it down?  What kind of decision was it?  Was it a problem?  How big of a problem was it?  How are you going to handle it?  What can you do?  Have you ever experienced a decision dilemma like that in the past?  What did you do that time?  How did that work out?  Will you handle it the same way or do something different/better this time?  Has anyone you look up been in a similar situation?  What did they do that you can learn from?  WWJD went viral for a reason, know what I’m sayin’?


If you’re looking to make decisions, I think the simplest of answers would be to just make decisions faster.  In life you win or your learn.  You grow from failing but that doesn’t make you a failure.  It makes you human.  Learn from the mistakes and victories of others combined with your own mistakes and victories and then create non-negotiable behaviors that serve are guide markers.  Because at the end when you look back, what do you want looking back?

We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” – Jim Rohn