The Rolflex Arm and Leg Massager Review: Best Foam Roller For Arms and Legs

Rolflex Arm and Leg Massager Review: Best Foam Roller For Arms and Legs

What is the Best Foam Roller For Arms & Legs?  Great question!  Especially if you’re looking for relief from forearm pain like me.  In January 2020, I challenged myself to run 3.5 miles, do 100 Burpees and 50 pull ups every day, all month.  [READ ABOUT THAT HERE]

That was 3 years ago and my forearms are still recovering.  LOL.  Basically, they took a beating on top of the beating I had already ben giving them over the last 47 years of combining deadlifts and kettlebell drills with pull ups, it pushed the tendonitis over the edge.  (Especially in my right arm which I think has something to do with mouse clicking.)

I have been trying and working with hot and cold therapy, massage, Graston tools…  (honestly, probably not enough) and the bottom line is that the traditional overhand grip with arms at shoulder width pull up with any real volume has been off the table.

I have been able to do underhand chins and parallel grip chins but as mentioned, the traditional over hand has been a no go.  Singles and doubles are all that’s happening but reps?  Volume?  Fuh-get-about-it.

Enter The Rolflex Arm and Leg Massager!

And queue up the “where have you been all my life” line!  Ahhhh…  Sweet relief!

I stumbled on this item while scrolling the Instagram one day and immediately saw the potential of the afore mentioned sweet relief.  I typically don’t put much stock in reviews but I looked at the reviews for this one, watched a couple videos and felt good about what I was seeing, so I ordered it.

I’ve been using it periodically throughout the day as well as post workout and let me tell you something, my forearm discomfort has significantly diminished and I’m doing over hand pull ups again.

Not a major increase in volume yet, but here’s what I’m doing.  Ladders.  Up to 3 right now alternating with deadlifts.  So, 1 deadlift, 1 pull up, 2 DLs, 2 pull ups, then 3, take a short break then back again.  I’m working up to 5 rounds up to 3 reps, then will work up to 5 rounds of 5 reps.

Another thing that has been helping I believe is at least 3 hours a week inside my MiHigh Sauna blanket.

Rolflex Massager for Forarm Tendonitis

In addition to rolling my arms, my calves couldn’t be happier!  Recently I have picked up rucking and the claves get worked, especially considering I like rucking hills and on the beach.  So I’m able to roll them out in ways you could never do with an old school foam roller.  My “regular” foam roller is great for the back, like my T-spine and lower back, grinding on the piriformis and softening the IT band.

Which brings me to my next point…

The Rolflex feels great on the legs.  From the quads, thighs and hams down to the calves.  It allows for slow progression of tension and depth where as the traditional foam roller is kinda all in.  With the Rolflex you can ease into the intensity and when you find a good spot, do a few mobility drills to really break it up and work it out.


Main reasons I’m LOVING my Rolflex arm and leg massager:

  • I can effectively role all the spots that a traditional foam rollers can’t.
  • Ease of use when it comes to adjusting pressure and intensity.
  • It’s increasing range of motion.
  • Helping with post workout recovery
  • And has the added benefit of working on the calves helping prevent any plantar fasciitis flare ups.

I got mine on Amazon.  If you have one already or get one, let me know how you’re using it and how it’s helping in comments.

I will report back on continued forearm and pull up progress….

Rolflex Arm and Leg Massager