Life Gets Way Better With These 8 Mindsets

Life Gets Way Better With These 8 Mindsets

My dear friend Wayne Dyer taught me that when I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change.  Would you like to see some changes in your life?

Let’s take a look at where we are currently.  Because if you don’t know where you are, how will you know what direction to move in?  Google maps can not give you directions without first knowing where you are?

You probably already have a good idea on where you want to go and where you want to be and you may be trying to figure out how you’re going to get there.  And whether this is a physical place or a spiritual place, how you see the journey will be the difference between whether or not you arrive.

If you’ve ever asked a question like, “what can I do to make my life better?”  Let me tell you, life gets way better with these 8 mindsets.

So let’s take a look at…

8 Mindsets To Live A Kick Ass Life

ONE:  There is no failure unless you quit.

This is a lesson I learned from another friend, mentor and my boss, Grant Cardone.  This idea changed how I saw failure.  It made me realize that having a failure and being a failure are very different things.  One is a moment in time, the other is a decision we make.

TWO:  You’ll never get a hit it if you don’t swing the bat.

When I was a kid, I was too scared to swing at the ball.  I went down looking…  alot.  Not very helpful in adulthood.  It was very hard in the beginning to take a chance.  Fear of failing can be paralyzing, but once you get the first mindset down, you become empowered to take more shots.  Take more shots.

THREE:  Go the extra mile; every time.

Our current society and culture promotes average and mediocrity.  There is no value in average, mediocre or just enough.  If you want to live a kick ass life, you have to do kick ass stuff.  You must stand up and out and (back to Wayne Dyer) “there is no traffic on the extra mile.”

FOUR:  Leave people better than you found them.

If you encounter someone not having their best day ever, what can you do right then and there to improve their condition and make their life better in this moment?  Could be as easy as a smile and a complement.  We have no idea what crosses other people are carrying.  Think about a low time in your life?  Who pulled up?  And if you’re thinking, “nobody pulled me up, I was alone.” Then go be that person for someone else.

FIVE:  Assume nothing; question everything

Please do this.  Stop towing the party line.  Stop believing everything your preferred news channel tells you just because they’re the ones telling you.  You should question things.  I find it incredibly ironic now that the kids who coined the phrase, “question authority”  are the authority that we’re supposed to take everything they say at face value and that suddenly you’re the problem when you do the very thing they promoted, which is ask questions.

SIX:  Make peace with your past.

Your past is just that.  Your past.  Nowhere does it say it is required to carry an emotional charge.  Your past is data and information that you can use to make decisions moving forward.  Make peace with it so you can better function in the now and move into and towards your future.  Speaking of Grant Cardone, “the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror for a reason.”  Operate from there.

SEVEN:  Less thinking more doing.

If overthinking was an olympic event, would you be on the team?  Nothing happens when you think.  Take action and learn from the result.  Time is more valuable than money so let’s not waste it on indecision and inaction.  Be more deliberate in your life.

EIGHT:  Never compare yourself to others.

The only thing / person you should be comparing yourself to is you, your potential and your highest self.  We’re doing you here, not you doing someone else.  Did you play full out today?  Be the best version of you you can be today.  That’s all that matters.  Comparing yourself to others minimizes your own magnificence.


Take a few minutes today and honestly do this self assessment:

  • Are you failing enough?  If you’re only winning, that’s a problem and you’re in grave danger…
  • Where are you not taking shots and swinging the bat?  Why not?
  • How is your situational awareness?  What condition are the people around you in and how can you serve them even better?
  • Start being on the lookout to leave people better than you find them?  Smile at people more, follow the 10 ft rule and look for the divine in everyone.
  • Where do you get your information from?  More importantly, where does where you get your information from get their information from?  And how do they benefit from the information they’re giving you?  Think more critically.
  • Is there an event or moment from your past your allowing to keep you stuck?  With that in mind, what can you do today to create your future?
  • What have you been adding time to and over thinking?  What’s the worst that could happen if you took action on it today?
  • How are you comparing yourself to others and would it be a bad idea if you knocked that off?

Of the these 8 mindsets, which one needs the most work from you?  Once you have a feel for where you’re at here, see what you can do to have a measured improvement in these areas in the next 30 days and then let me know where you’re at…