3 Ways To Level Up Your Life (Courtesy of Grant Cardone)

3 ways to LEVEL UP YOUR life

3 Ways To Level Up Your Life

(Courtesy of Grant Cardone)

Is it time to level up your life?  Have you been feeling stuck in a rut?  Downward spiral perhaps?  Are you thinking there has to more to life than this?  Is your everyday kind of a Phil Conners type of day?  Life feeling a little stale?

In Grant Cardone’s latest audio book 10X Mentor, he drops three incredibly valuable questions.  Allow me to share them with you here and also encourage you to listen to the whole thing.  Especially if you’re looking to level up in life.

Ask yourself these 3 level up questions right now:

  1. Do I want more?
  2. Do I deserve more?
  3. Can I do more?

The answer to all 3 better be a resounding YES!  What you’re wondering now is how.

How do you level up your life?

We’re in agreement here that you want more.  What could that be?  Better health, body comp, financial freedom, career goals, deeper relationships, higher spiritual connection or…?   It’s something.  There is something inside you looking to come out, play and level up.  Is that awareness of lack frustrating?  Good!  Your frustration is your potential nudging you.  Reminding you that you are capable of more and that you in actuality deserve it.  Regardless of what you’ve been taught or what you’ve decided based on some not ideal experience, you totally deserve more.  Any contrary thought is actually limiting thinking that has no business occupying real estate in your mind.  And the way to level up is to do more.

More what?  Recently in one of Grant Cardone’s 10X Advisor emails he offered 3 tips to get to the next level in anything.  These tips seemed beyond fitting for a share here with a little Rich Man’s Gym spin on them…  Are you ready?

3 Ways To Level Up Your Life

  1. Level up your attitude.
  2. Leave everyone better than you find them.
  3. Protect your environment.

Let’s go through these one at a time…

ONE:  Level Up Your Attitude.

In Grant’s landmark book Sell Or Be Sold he writes, “a great attitude is worth more than a great product.”  True or false; when you think of the people you most admire in life, do they make you feel better or worse?  What kind of attitude to they have?  Your ability to see and find opportunities inside of alleged problems and your ability to respond positively instead of having a negative knee jerk reaction is your path to leveling up your attitude.  And seriously, all it takes is awareness and practice.

Start now by creating a gap between a stimulus and response.  And in that gap, choose what you’re going to do and how you’re going to respond.  And once you’ve done that enough something amazing will happen.  You, like me will begin to realize that you’ve been choosing your responses all along and now it is simply time to take full responsibility for your responses and moving forward actively choosing how you will respond to the stimulus.

Simply put, the first way to level up your attitude is to take 100% responsibility for your responses by strengthening your ability to respond.

TWO:  Leave Everyone Better Than You Find Them.

My good friend Dr Wayne Dyer once said, “You get treated in life the way you teach people to treat you.”  Grant Cardone says, “People act the way you treat them.”  How do you simply this behavior?  Well, when you’re looking at leveling up your life, I would imagine that that would also include your life experience as well.  And since we just leveled up our attitude, what would happen if you parlayed your ability to respond into “making service senior” as Grant says?  There’s an entire training course inside Cardone University dedicated to making service senior and treating people like a million bucks!  Imagine getting to a place where you can do this for everyone you encounter?

Today, be on the lookout for ways to improve someone’s condition?  Actively search for ways to leave people better than you find them.  Smile more, acknowledge others, say please and thank you more (and mean it), offer help, make people laugh!  When this becomes part of your daily, you will immediately see an increase.  People will respond differently to you, reciprocating that level of service and more money will start to flow into your life.

THREE:  Protect Your Environment.

What constitutes “your environment.”  Let’s start with your most important and most precious part of your environment.  Your brain.  And everything that goes with that.  Since this is ultimately about you being a more controlling shareholder of your attitude, let us remind ourselves that like anything in life, you will get out of it, what you put into it.  What you read, watch, listen to and consume will all play a very active role in the thoughts you have, what comes out of your mouth and the decisions you make, actions you take.  Additionally, WHO do you keep company with?  Are the people in your life making you better or worse?

Here are a few ideas from me, Grant and Cardone U to have an even better attitude and take your life to the next level:

  1. Avoid the news.
  2. Be a creator and contributor of positivity on social media not a consumer just scrolling looking for something to be offended by.
  3. Stay away from people with entitlement and victim think.
  4. Get everyone in your life on the same page with where you are going.
  5. Avoid drugs and alcohol.
  6. Stay away from people, places and things that promote illness and disease.
  7. No negative talk.  Check that sh*t.  Kick that negativity out, flip it and reverse it.


Bottom line:  Your life is exactly what you make it.  Your life experience is created by your thoughts, decisions and your actions and your life will not improve until you do.  This is a universal quid pro quo.  To expect life on planet Earth to level up simply based on your time here and not based on your effort, action and results is not only naive it’s insane.  Never mind debating who said it, the reality is, doing the same thing and expecting a different result is nuts-o.  It’s insane.  So to stop the madness, start working to level up your attitude, leave your fellow humans better than you found them and take control over what and who you surround yourself with.

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