Average Meaning: Damaged Merchandise!

Average meaning

What is the origin of the word average?

Did You Know? The word average came into English from Middle French avarie, a derivative of an Arabic word.  Average meaning:  damaged merchandise.

Are you damaged merchandise?

From parents, teachers, government and the media pressing on you 24/7 at extraordinary levels to just be normal, settle and get by, this is not life.

However, when you start to rise up out of average these entities will push back simply because by your push you remind them of how they settled and have shorted their God given potential.

Instead look to the examples set by others that you can duplicate.

My boss, Grant Cardone is one example, then there’s warriors like David Goggins and Rose Namajunas. Artists like Miles Davis and Damien Hirst.

These are people who do not accept average at any level, are totally committed to being the best version of themselves and maximizing their potential and sooooo not concerned with the good opinion of others. What would happen if everyday, in the morning, we simply made and then honored that commitment to ourselves.

Your New Daily Morning Mantra:

“I will not except average in any area of my life today. I will be totally committed to being the best version of myself today. I will max out my full God given potential today. And just for today, I will not be concerned with the good opinion of others.”