Steel Maces and Mindset

Steel Maces and Mindset

At Rich Man’s Gym we offer strength and conditioning for the body, mind and spirit.  The intention is to use exercise as a method to conquer the mind and connect to the spirit.  We are, as Wayne Dyer so eloquently put it, “infinite beings having a temporary human experience.”  Master Yoda says, “infinite beings are we, not this crude matter.”  And so here we are transcending the body through the use of an ancient weapon.  The Mace.

This workout I designed will get the entire body involved, work the core and when you keep the rest times low, could make a great MetCon workout too.  You can also vary the reps and size of the mace.  Drills are to be done in a circuit.

10 Mace Squats

My personal preference is the Barbarian Squat but you’re welcome to pick a squat variation that works best for you.  The Barbarian Squat by itself delivers a full body workout so it is ideal for this routine but whatever variation you choose make sure you’re using a mace that is challenging but not so heavy that it compromises proper squat form.

Squatting needs to represent you standing up.  What ever weight is on your back, you lift it, you rise.  Stand up.  The Barbarian Squat is especially powerful as it is a striking type of movement as well.  What are you fighting for?  We’re all fighting for something.  Who or what are you fighting?  Could be your ego, it could be your urge to quit, it could be the little voice in your head trying to keep you mediocre and average.  Regardless, rise up and strike.  Attack your life, attack your day, attack the moment and live fully.

When you become fully responsible for your life, you can become fully human; once you become human, you may discover what it mens to be a warrior.”

Steel Mace Exercise: Barbarian Squat from Onnit Academy on Vimeo.

10 360s

Do 5 clock-wise then 5 counter clock-wise.  What direction does your energy flow?  It takes just as much energy to justify quitting as it does to just persevere. The choice you will make right now is in what direction will you flow your energy? Towards why you can or why you can’t?  What if it turned out you could actually change directions.  Recognizing your mindset is going south and that you need to redirect is a skill in and of itself.  But to be able to redirect the energy is something even all the more powerful.  Ask yourself when you’re going negative, what direction is the energy flowing.  Then redirect it to a more positive thought in the opposite direction.  Practice changing direction with 360s.

10 Alternating Switch Lunges

Honor.  Genuflection is a deep sign of respect.  Who are you really?  Remember what my friend Wayne Dyer has said.  That we are all “infinite beings having a temporary human experience.” And considering the incomprehensible truth that we are just well organized stardust made in the image of God, it should be safe to say that when we honor ourselves, we honor God and when we honor God, we honor ourselves.  From the moment God uttered, “let their be light” we have been in a state of creation and expansion.

There is another part of the creation story that can get neglected.  After creating the Bible tells us, “…And God saw that it was good.”  Since we are made in his image, take stock of the life you’ve created so far and see that is good.  Be grateful for the moment you are in.  Pause and know that the magnificent being you are is good in this moment.  Look at the world and all it’s beauty and honor it.  Take this moment to be thankful and honor your life.

30 Push Ups

Speaking of creation…  Think about what you’re creating in your life.  There will always be obstacles, speed bumps, hiccups, you name it.  You will have to push.  And you will have to push more than you thought.  Sorry.  It’s just the reality of life.  Your mission now is to push.  Push up.

You may also be tempted.  Tempted to quit.  Tempted to just do enough.  You may feel the urge to not even start.  Pushing also means that you may have to push up beyond your perceived limits.  What you’re doing now verses what you’re truly capable of doing are two very different things.

Steel Maces:  So what are we doing?

Rise up and strike!  Change your thought patterns towards something positive.  Honor who you are right now and be grateful.  Push!

Now, grab your mace and get after it!

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