How to change your mind: 5 steps to eliminate negativity forever

How to change your mind

How to change your mind

5 steps to eliminate negativity forever

How to change your mind

I often wonder why the term “brain washing” gets such a bad rap.  I mean, you wash everything else, right?  Why wouldn’t you want to clean that out too?  “Hey, what’s on your mind?”  Anyone ever ask you that?  I mean what IS on your mind?  Well for most of us, the mind can and does house a whole slew of data.  Some of it is wonderful and amazing.  Some of it is complete garbage.  If the brain truly is like a computer, wouldn’t it make sense to go in and delete old files and programs that are out of date, repartition some stuff and also empty out the recycle bin while you’re at it?  Some of that stuff in there probably isn’t serving you anymore.  Know what I mean?

You always have the right to change your mind.” –Grant Cardone.

And if you’ve been wondering about how to literally change your mind, you’re in the right spot.  Rich Man’s Gym is anywhere and everywhere and at Rich Man’s Gym we train for strength and conditioning of body, mind and spirit.  It typically works best in this order because we are in this body for the most part and have been conditioned to believe that out mind (brain) is the control center.  So to get to the spirit, you have to get through those two components.  Follow?

I recently read a book called Switch On Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf.   This powerful book is a perfect addition to the “library” at Rich Man’s Gym.  Switch On Your Brain can, if you allow it, help you refile, partition and even delete old useless data and belief systems that are not serving you.

WARNING:  There will be work involved.  This is not a quick fix.  If you want to know how to change your mind, get ready to, as Yoda said, “unlearn what you have learned.”  This will require work.

Additionally, just in case, you’re not into the whole God thing, you should know that this book quotes a lot of scripture and weaves it into the current research and findings in neuroscience and neuroplasticity.  Dr Leaf says that science is finally catching up with the Bible.  And I think that’s pretty cool.  I am not a “bible thumper” by any means but any book that’s been around for almost 2000 years should be taken seriously.  There’s a post on Medium for my thoughts on the man upstairs if you’re so inclined to give it a read.  If you’re open to the idea that there is a greater collective intelligence and that science and spirituality can coexist, you’ll love this book.  If you’re not of that mindset, then this book will only solidify your thinking that there is no greater collective intelligence and that it’s really up to you to create the life you want including what’s going on in your noggin…  And that’s OK too.

How to change your mind:  5 steps to eliminate negativity forever

As a human being, you have this amazing ability to see the universe from more than one perspective if you choose to.  You have an awareness of you, your thoughts, emotions and feelings.  Additionally, you also get to choose how you react and respond.

Think of your brain like a nightclub for a second.  There’s a huge party going on in there.  Outside hundreds of thousands of people are trying to get in.  You literally are the bouncer.  Deciding who gets to come inside and if someone on the inside starts getting too rowdy or having too much fun you get to calm that sh*t down or toss their a$$ out!

The active reach

Repetition they say is the mother of all learning.  You want to do stuff over and over to solidify it in your brain.  If your plan is to remove negative thinking, you must also replace it with a better, more positive thought.  Dr Leaf gives you a daily routine for eliminating the toxic thought and replacing it with a thought or belief that will serve you better moving forward.  And the last thing you do as part of this daily ritual is to create an active reach.  A way to reinforce the new healthy thought.

The five steps I’m about to share with you came from that.  These steps should be delivered to the bouncer in your mind.  Make sure your bouncer fully understands the steps and can follow them.  That means you practice the steps over and over again until there’s no thought involved and like driving a car or just breathing, it’s happening all the time.

5 steps to eliminate negativity forever

  1. Catch it
  2. Crumple it
  3. Toss it
  4. Replace it
  5. Write it

So let’s break these down a little bit…

Step One:  Catch it!

Thoughts are buzzing around all over the place.  Some good, some bad.

You’re the bouncer of your mind.

When you see a negative thought popping up inside your mind or outside trying to get in, the first thing you want to do is catch it.

Notice it, observe it and identify it.  Catch it!

Step Two:  Crumple it!

You know, like when you’re writing something down and you know it’s complete garbage.  What do you do with that piece of paper?  That’s right crumple it up.  Visualize crumpling that up.  Or even pantomime that out if it helps.

The thought has no place in your mind and you don’t need it.  It’s not helping the situation in any way, shape or form.  Time to eliminate it.  Crumple that negative thought and then you know what to do next, right?

Step Three:  Toss it!

Chuck that sucker!  Toss it.  It’s total garbage, worthless, un-serving and useless.  Toss it!  Throw it out like yesterday’s news because that’s really all it is.  The time is now.  That thought you’re having is from the past and has no business infringing on your present.  You have the power to make the decision as to whether or not the thought comes in or stays at the party.  If it’s not welcome, toss it!

Step Four:  Replace it!

What abhors a vacuum?  Nature.  So, since we are in the natural world, if you toss a thought out, you need to replace it with a much better one.

Remember, it’s your party.  You can cry if you want to or you can make sure all the guests are amazing and fun!  So what new, positive and uplifting thought can you come up with to replace the sh*tty one you just tossed out?

Keep in mind the words of the mighty Bob Ross, “This is your world, you’re the creator.”  You’re in change here.  It’s your mind and what goes on it there is totally up to you.

[Remember that part when I mentioned it was gonna be work?  Here we go]

Let’s practice up to this point.  What is your most common negative thought?  What is a frequent one that loves popping in uninvited?  Yeah, that one.  The one you just thought of.  Go with that one.  Now catch it.  You got it?  Good.  Crumple that little f#*%er up and then toss it away like the garbage that it is.  How does that feel?  Feels great doesn’t it.  Now the next step is to replace it.  What can you put there, in it’s place that is more powerful, more accurate and allows the real you to be the divine creation that you are?  It can be simple.  If your thought was “I’m no good.” replace it with “I am the GREATEST!”  Or it can have a little more depth.  If the thought was “I’m an idiot, why did I do that?”  You can replace it with the Demartini classic, “I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.”  Again, you decide.  Just make sure your new and improved thought is positive, empowering and connected to the divine (whatever that is to you).

Step Five:  Write It!

So, back to the God thing for just a second because I’m going to use an analogy from the book of Genesis while at the same time planting a seed for you about our divine nature and true potential.  When God created the universe, how did that go down?  Well, first, she had a thought.  He was like, “hey, it’s kinda dark in here…” and then God said, “Let there be light.” and low and behold, there was light.

The book of John says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  So your final step here is to duplicate the successful actions of the almighty and write down the new thought.  You must bring this new, positive, empowering thought into the physical world.  And that starts with the word.  Write it down.  Write it down in first person and in present time.  Because you are literally creating a new thought here.  You created the sh*tty one, now it’s time to create the better one.

5 steps to eliminate negativity forever:  Bonus Round

As we wrap this up, think for a moment on the negative thought you practiced catching, crumpling, tossing, replacing and writing.  Does it feel less powerful, less toxic?  Good, because it should.  Now, How long did it take to get there?  How many times have you had that negative thought replay like a broken record in your mind.  Thoughts are plant like.  They take root, grow and spread.  You have to pull them out by the root.  And since that thought became strong through repetition, what do you think needs to happen to replace it?  That’s right, repetition.  Nobody got buff on one push up.

How to change your mind:  Applying the 5 steps

Rich Man’s Gym is about strength and conditioning for body mind and spirit.  You must condition the mind and in this case, re-condition the mind.  These 5 steps are a daily practice.  You might even want to consider setting aside some real time everyday to just focus on catching and replacing thoughts.  You can do this until it becomes part of your norm.  Dr. Leaf suggests 21 days.  I’m a go the extra kinda guy so my thought here would be set aside 10-20 minutes a day (you pick the time) to commit to practicing the 5 steps and do that for 63 days in a row and see what happens in your world.

  • Before you start though, set your intention.  Take a moment to see what your life looks like in 63 days.  Have a clear cut picture.
  • Write that clear cut picture down in first person, in present time with gratitude.  Example:  “I am so happy and grateful to be fully aware, in complete control and right here in present time.”
  • Start writing that clear cut picture down at the start of your session and feel free to recite it through out the day as needed.
  • Set a timer for 10-20 minutes.
  • Allow a negative thought to surface.
  • Apply the five steps.
  • Carry a small notepad to write down your new positive thoughts
  • Maintain vigilance through out the day between sessions.  Remember, you are the bouncer of your mind.
  • Avoid the following at all costs:  News Media Outlets, Commercials on TV, Trolls on Social Media and people who only share bad news.

If you need help, clarity or have a question, drop a comment below and let’s start the conversation!