My MiHigh Sauna Blanket Review

My MiHigh Sauna Blanket Review

Prior to COVID and the lock downs, the only actual reason I used to go to a gym was to get in the sauna.  The closest one to me at the time was unfortunately about 20 miles away.  Good news was it was near a Trader Joes so typically on Tuesday evenings I’d drive over, hit an elliptical machine with the arms for about 30 minutes to get the blood moving, heart rate up a bit and break a sweat then go do 30 minutes in the sauna.  Shower up, grocery shop and then home.

This routine worked wonders for my recovery.

After the sauna, I’d fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake up the next morning feeling renewed.  That part came to a screeching halt in March of 2020.  At first I just missed it.  Continued training thinking, like most, this won’t be a forever deal, I’ll be back to my Tuesday routine in no time.  Two weeks to stop the spread, right?  Wrong.  It continued.  My go to spot was still closed.  Within a month I realized how valuable that sauna was to my recovery and general wellness.

No Sauna?  Now what are we gonna do?

Time to get creative?  Or not…  More yoga and stretching?  Cold showers in the morning?  Sauna suit and sit in the car with the heater on full blast?  Months go by without really having a solution or putting it in the priority box.  Ultimately I decide to buy an actual sauna and install it in the corner of the garage…  As soon as I move all that stuff that we’ve been storing there from the last 3 places we live.  Because that’s totally going to get done and a major priority and I absolutely have time to sort through that stuff…  **WARNING:  SARCASM DETECTED**

In all fairness to my lack of interest in creating that space, I did look at single and two person traditional and infrared saunas for that corner of the garage and did find a few that seemed to fit.  Some even had a built in stereo system reminiscent of a 1990’s mini truck.  Alas, the right one never really appeared and I basically lost enough interest to shelve it on some far recessed corner of my mind.  Full intention to resurface this idea at some point with occasional searches on Amazon and The Home Depot website.

This would have been from a timeline perspective early 2021.  Still basically in lockdown and even so, my work schedule had changed in a big way.  So as things slowly started opening back up, I call the gym to see if the sauna is available and no because…  well, California says so…  And why exactly is a devise that is basically guaranteed to thermally destroy COVID (source) still effing closed to the public?

Anyway, OK, screw it, basically won’t be able to return to the original routine of elliptical, sauna and Trader Joe’s.  Reality accepted.  Moving forward now.

Fast Forward To mid July 2022…

On Instagram, UFC fighter Michelle Waterson GOMEZ other wise known as The Karate Hottie, uses a MiHigh Sauna Blanket as part of her weight cut.

OK, well this is interesting!!!!!

The Official MiHigh Sauna Blanket Review

Took me less than 24 hours of hand ringing and overthinking to place the order.  Key factors in this decision…

  1. No garage reorganizing required
  2. 30 day risk free guarantee
  3. High level UFC fighter used it to cut weight
  4. Works in any room of the house
  5. Only 500 bucks (and you might be able to get it for less on Amazon)

So I place the order and begin the anticipation and building excitement.  It arrived on July 23rd.  I’ve been using it 2-3 times a week since I got it aaaaand I’m loving it.

I know for a fact I am recovering better and definitely seeing an improvement in sleep quality.  There is also a significant difference in how much I sweat in infrared verses traditional sauna which is wild.  Especially when I climb in after a workout.  Also as a completely anecdotal observation, it seems my resting heart rate has gone down a bit and it takes a little more work to get to jackhammer status when working out.  [For more on the actual why/science this is happening, check out Dr Rhonda Patrick’s research].  Lastly, I’ve had some issues with tendonitis in my forearms and brachialis.  Pec minor on the right side has been a bit strained of late and I’ve been wrestling with plantar fasciitis off and on for quite a while.  All of these issues are already feeling better.

My MiHigh Sauna Blanket Routine.

Here’s what I’ve been doing so far.  At least twice a week after a workout (or run) I hop in for 30 minutes and once a week on a non-training day I’m in for 60 minutes.  I am also doing the 30 minute sessions at a greater intensity than the 60 minutes.

Example Scenarios

Monday: Post Workout 30 minutes at Level 8
Tuesday:  Workout but no sauna
Wednesday:  No workout but 60 minutes at Level 7
Thursday:  Workout but no sauna
Friday:  rest all around
Saturday:  Post Workout 30 minutes at Level 8
Sunday:  Workout (maybe sauna / maybe not)

At some point soon, Level 7 will be tolerable enough to see how close to 60 minutes I can get at Level 8 and I’ll start tinkering with Level 9 on the 30 minute sessions.

Make sure you hydrate, hydrate, hydrate before and after.  Before getting in, I’m chugging about 32 oz and once more after.  On average we should be getting at least 1 oz per pound of body weight anyway.  This kind of sweating will detox you so make sure you’re hydrated and getting adequate amounts of electrolytes (my preference)

Seriously, I’m having one of those, “why didn’t I do this sooner” moments and in fact, I have been having this moment from the first time I climbed in and started feeling the heat.  This MiHigh Sauna Blanket is ridiculously convenient, easy to clean and is having a real impact on my recovery.  Keep in mind, I’ve got 49 years of milage as of this posting.  Really looking forward to seeing where I’ll be in a couple months.

The cost effectiveness of this is off the chart.  So look, if you’re not near an actual sauna or you, like me, need to drive almost 20 minutes one way, or the local spa has one, a session can average 45 bucks.  That’s 11 sessions and you’re paid off and an owner.  Aaaand you can do it anytime you want from home lying on the living room floor and finally getting to watch 1980s anime that you always wanted to watch when you were a kid but never had access to that is now streaming for free on TUBI.  Bottom line…  do it.   USE COUPON CODE RMG75 and take $75 dollars off your order!