The 4 Steps To Creation

4 Steps To Creation

Your entire world is about to change for the better.

The 4 Steps To Creation will make perfect sense to you.  If at first, you have a hard time with these steps, it’s OK.  So do I.  Simple and easy don’t always pair well together.  Either way, here’s the good news.  You are the creator of your life.  Take a moment and allow that to sink in.  There is no one else on this planet doing it for you.  This means that all the good and all the bad in your life, you created.  All of it.  And deep down, no matter how hard you want to deny it, you know it’s true.  And why not accept and assume responsibility for it all?  You can’t influence things you don’t have control over.

Would it be a bad thing to start working on a deeper understanding of how creation works so that you can put your conscious mind to work on creating your life by design instead of having to rely on hope and luck?

The purpose here is to show you the steps you’ve been unwittingly using so you know what they are and can begin to consciously implement them into your daily life.  I’ll list the out the 4 steps to creation first, and then we can take a deeper dive:

  1. Thought
  2. Decision
  3. Choice
  4. Action

And here we go.  Comments and questions below please…

[DISCLAIMER:  The 4 steps to creation are, for our human brains, a work in progress that we are constantly discovering, remembering and working on.  Probably until the day we die.  Doesn’t mean they’re not real and happening to each and every one of us.]

STEP ONE:  Thought

All creation starts with a thought.  Let look at a few easy examples.  The Universe.  According to the Bible, in the beginning, there was nothing but darkness.  Then God said, “Let there be light.”  God had a thought first then created.  Then, taking a cue from the divine, humans started making their own light.  We started with fire and burning oils to create more light.  Fast forward to 1880 or so and Thomas Edison after 10,000 some attempts, creates the electric light bulb.

Every creation first starts with a thought.

Next part of the thought though is you need to be aware of it.  We have, according to some experts upwards of 80,000 thoughts in a day.  Did you catch all of them?  Probably not.  A majority of these thoughts are repetitive and many of those are negative in connotation.  So becoming aware of what’s going on in that noggin is really, really important.

From there we’re going to question the validity of the thought.

Does the thought have any real merit?  Is it a self-empowering thought?  Is it a limiting thought?  How does this thought even help me?  Does this thought even help me?

Last thing before we move on to step two:  Thoughts are things.  The brain is spewing data all the time.  Some data is relevant, some, not so much.  What matters most is what we do with the thoughts .  That part is totally in our control.

STEP TWO:  Decision

Now that you’ve questioned the validity of your thought, you have to decide on its merit and truth.  You’ve had a thought, questioned the validity of the thought and now you need to decide what to do about it.

There is a massive opportunity here.  Massive.  It is in this moment where you are separate from the thought.  You are not your thoughts and for the moment, you haven’t given it any power at all…  at least not yet.  This all happens in a fraction of a second by the way.

Is it valid?  Yes or no?

Let’s start with no.  Ultimately if it’s no, you want to release the thought and let it go before it has a chance to solidify and have any real affect.  You also can use the thought before it has a chance to use you.

Ask yourself, “Self, where is this thought coming from?”

Especially if it’s negative.  Was this something you decided on earlier?  Or who taught you that?  Let’s say the thought is, “you suck!”  Is it valid?  No.  OK, where’s that coming from?  Where did you learn that?  Who taught you that?  Certainly not you.  Because when you learned how to walk, how many times did you eat shit and fall on your face?  Over and over.  Did you stop, quit, or give up?  No.  Why?  Because you don’t suck.  You’re learning.  So who told you that you suck?  Certainly wasn’t you.

So if the thought is not valid, use it to determine it’s origin so you have awareness of it moving forward and can do something about it.  Take the power back from the thought and rewrite the programming with something empowering and positive.

If the thought is valid (or not), here’s the next thing…

STEP Three:  Choice

So, what are you going to do about it?  And hey, what if it is a negative thought AND it’s valid?  What if you actually do suck?  Hold on now!  I know what I just said, but let’s be honest here and to loosely quote Chris Voss, if what you know now isn’t getting you the results you want, then the only real choice you have is to get better.

Look, if you want to create something, that means that there’s something you want but don’t yet actually have.  God wanted light so he created light.  Edison wanted more light and to do something cool with electricity and boom, light bulbs for all.  You want something you don’t have.  Could be anything.  Better health, money, relationships or whatever else you may desire.  You have to create it.

One of the most empowering lessons I’ve learned from Grant Cardone is that a lack of anything in life comes as a direct result of a lack of knowledge and/or skill.  If you’re missing something in your life, there’s something you don’t know about it or you’re missing the skill required to create the result you’re after.

[EXERCISE: List out 3 examples from your life where a lack or knowledge or skill is limiting the quality of your experience]

Step three is you choosing whether or not you’re going to go get the knowledge and/or skill needed to create the very thing you want more of in your life.  You can chose to do or do not.  You know the Yoda quote so I won’t even bother putting it in.  You”re going to have to take a chance and make a choice.

STEP Four:  Action

It’s time to do something.  The 4 steps to creation require action.  You can not create without doing.  What will you do?  Consider what you’re looking to be or do or have.  Do you have the knowledge?  What about the skill?  Let’s say you’re looking to create a better body.  Do you have the right knowledge about diet and exercise?  Are you proficient in the exercises required?  And what are the results of the better body?  How will it make your time on Earth even better?

What about being a better partner in a personal relationship?  You’re creating that.  This is business relationship, romantic relationship or familial relationship.  It’s about you being better.

Money.  Another example where knowledge and skill will be the make break point in your creating the lifestyle you want and deserve.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The 4 Steps To Creation

For this to work, we have a few additional decisions to make about who we are and where we came from.  I think Wayne Dyer said it best when he observed that you are an infinite being having a temporary human experience.  I would like to encourage you to also consider that the temporary human experience you’re having is one you chose.  Assume control over your entire life.  What if it turned out you chose your parents, you chose your situation?

Life is an adventure.  Adventure is defined as an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks; an exciting or remarkable experience; to expose to danger or loss.  What is going on in your life is opportunity.  Opportunity to grow, be better and show others what WE as humans are truly capable of when we tap into our infinite nature.

That nature that says we are made in the image of the divine.  And even if you don’t believe in God, you can’t argue the fact that you are made of star dust and so the very elements that generate the power of our sun also dwell within you.  Your mind and your perception of reality is your liberator or your captor and you’re choosing that outcome at every moment of your life.  There is a massive difference between being a victim and staying a victim.  One is an event.  The other is a choice YOU make and a habit.

Life is a testing ground and a training camp.  And while you’re here you will experience great joy, terror, wonder, sorrow and an entire spectrum of emotion and events.

I’ll wrap it all up with this.  Since we are all star dust, made in the image of divinity, there is within us the same power and force.  Have you ever heard that phrase about someone who’s considered self centered, “it’s his world, we just live in it.”  Do you know that phrase?  So what if turned out it was true for all of us?  What if your universe is created by you?  What if IS your world and we just live in it?  And if you’re experiencing lack or tragedy or disappointment in your world why not DO something about it?  Especially if you’re the creator.  If the 4 steps to creation are real, then creation is a skill and skills can be perfected through study, practice and experience.  So get to work!