Thor: Love And Thunder Which Thor Will You Be?

thor love and thunder

Question:  Which Thor Will You Be?

Thor Love And Thunder is out and as Marvel fans know we have two versions of The Mighty Thor, both on the inside and on the outside.  We have Yoked Ripped Point Break Thor and then we have Lebowski Thor.  We can also see how Thor’s outside is very reflective of his inside.

By the time we get into Avenger’s Endgame we have Lebowski Thor.  A man who has slipped into a deep depression of grief and regret.  What has gone wrong for Thor at this point?

  • Mother murdered
  • Father died
  • Girlfriend’s AWOL
  • Homeland destroyed
  • Brother murdered
  • Loses most of the Asgardian population to Hela (Sister) and Thanos
  • Failed to kill Thanos with Stormbreaker (should have gone for the head)
  • Half of all life  in the universe gets murdered. 

These are heavy weights to bear, even for a demigod.  In fact through the mythical and spiritual realm we are told stories of beings with great power who still suffer and wrestle with some very human challenges.  

What makes the MCU so special?

One of the things that makes the MCU so special is it does confront real issues like anxiety, depression, grief, loss, death.  They also show us evolution and growth.  How these beings overcome obstacles, confront their fears and find a way to win.  Yes, even the good guys experience fear.  That’s important because the thing about fear is we all experience it, the thing about loss and grief is we all experience it.

Which bodes the question; what is the difference between a hero and a coward?  A coward lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.  Where as the hero takes the right action despite the fear.  Courage cannot exist in the absence of fear.  Think about that.  In fact, think about something you do now that’s easy but in the beginning was hard and scary.  Maybe it was learning to drive, swim, speak in public or make cold calls (salespeople).  It was all scary at first but you somehow pushed through the fear and did it anyway.  THAT is the stuff that forges the hero.  That is the stuff that legends are made from.  

OK, back to Thor…  Actually back to you.  You, like Thor, have a choice.  We all do in fact.  Will faced with loss, grief, regret and fear, will we hide in a shack, drink beer, eat shitty food and play XBox with Korg or (as we see in the Thor Love and Thunder trailer) will we start using giant chains as battle ropes and start getting after it?

F.E.A.R.  Can stand for two things

  • Forget Everything And Run or…
  • Face Everything And Rise

Which one will you be?  By the end of Endgame, Thor has made his choice.  He has found solace in a second chance conversation with his mother and courtesy of Mjollnir, realized he is still worthy to poses the power of Thor.  

Thor: Love And ThunderHere’s the opportunity now.  Which Thor are you currently?  Point Break or Lebowski?  Are you facing everything and rising or are you forgetting everything and running?  I mean technically we could be both Thors in one day, right?  One minute you’re summoning thunder and lightening getting ready for for work and then we get stuck in traffic, you show up late for work, an appointment cancels and on and on and then we  spend the rest of the day in Lebowski land…  Sound familiar?

Are you worthy?

Worthy:  having or showing the qualities or abilities that merit recognition in a specified way.

Worth:  the value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration; the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated.

Self-Worth:  a sense of one’s own value as a human being.

I think it’s safe to say we all struggle with feeling worthy at times.  Our sense of self-worth can ebb and flow at times and typically, when we get brutally honest with each other, we can trace it back to two key things.  Decisions and behaviors. 

Our self-worth is a manifestation of the decisions we make and our subsequent behaviors.  And those decisions and behaviors when repeated gain momentum.  And the flip side also happens.  What ever you don’t repeat, loses momentum and atrophies.  In other words, self-worth is earned and it must be maintained.

Thor Love And Thunder Key Take Aways:

  • Do you love yourself enough to say no to the things that make you feel unworthy? 
    • If the answer was no, fix that.
  • Can you forgive yourself for the times in your past where you did things that left you feeling unworthy?  
    • If that answer was no, fix that too.
  • How disciplined is your diet and nutrition?  
    • Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.
  • Do your workout routines tap into your potential?
    • Test yourself.  Push yourself.  Daily.


Identify 3 mindsets and/or behaviors that negatively impact your self-worth.  Write them down somewhere.  Make a commitment right now to stop thinking that way or acting that way.  Then, identify what positive mindsets and/or behaviors you can replace the ones that sap your self-worth.  Start those mindset and behaviors right now.  Start writing those down daily and often so they sink in and become your norm.

Lastly, it doesn’t take a genius inventor and billionaire industrialist to know that Chris Hemsworth clearly puts in the work and is incredibly disciplined in his training and nutrition.  If you’re looking for an immediate boost to self-worth that you will start to see every time you look in the mirror, change up your workouts so you’re training for something.  Set goals and have targets to shoot for on every workout.  Start saying no to cravings and start saying yes to more water.  Don’t let anyone ever try to convince you, you’re not in control because you are.  We are.  Your worth is earned.  Go earn it.