What is reality? Real vs Unreal

what IS reality

So…..  what IS reality anyway?

Because if the old saying is correct that truth [reality] is in the eye of the beholder, then as the owner of the eye, we should be making a conscious decision about what is true and correct and real.  If it’s true to me, it’s true.  If it’s real to you, it’s real.

The schizophrenic person can have a full and thorough argument with a lamp post and to them, it’s very real.  How powerful is the brain and imagination!  The “sane” person can watch their preferred news channel and be active on social media subjected to algorithms that only reinforce one point of view and that quickly becomes one’s reality.

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

When I take an electron microscope to a wooden chair and go deep enough, it’s made up of atoms which has a nucleus with protons and electrons orbiting it.  And what is in between the protons and electrons on the way to the nucleus?  Empty space.  So that wooden chair you’re sitting on and the floor you’re standing on is mostly empty space.  Much like the solar system we call home.  As in the macro, so in the micro…

Again, what is reality?

How can a person function with the chairs, floor, ceiling, walls and treat it as solid objects while knowing it’s mostly empty space?

Shouldn’t one monitor their reality?

And if I am not making conscious decisions about what IS my reality, then does that mean my subconscious is and based on what data?

The implication explains why so many people blindly follow an ideology that is destructive and oppressive while using disseminated propaganda disguised as news, science and fact to justify it.  Even now, anyone reading this, their current perspective on reality is assigning blame and pointing fingers at who fits this description while omitting themself from the accusation.

Red pill or blue pill?

Unconscious acceptance of “trusted” and alleged credible data has and always will lead to unnecessary and tragic pain and suffering.  All of which can be avoided and improved on simply by being open to more communication.  Make conscious decisions about what reality is.  Then always question the data given to us about what someone else wants us to see as real…