What to FOCUS on in 2022 (and what NOT to)

What to focus on in 2022

What to FOCUS on in 2022

BOTTOM LINE:  Put your full attention on what you actually have real control of.  Do NOT spend any energy or waste any time on the things you have absolutely NO CONTROL of.  Let’s make a couple of decisions today…

The first decision we should make is how do we want 2022 to end?  Get very clear on what you want the end of 2022 to look like for yourself.  At Rich Man’s Gym we do strength & conditioning for body, mind and spirit.  So when you thing about the end of 2022, what condition do you want to be in physically, mentally and spiritually?

The second decision you need to make is what daily commitments, activities and actions will you be taking in order to create this end result your moving towards?

Where your energy and attention should go in 2022.  Focus on your…

  1. Attitude
  2. Goals & The Future
  3. Quality of sleep
  4. Diet/Nutrition
  5. Exercise
  6. Your ethics
  7. What your read and watch on TV
  8. Your income and wealth

These eight proactive and positive focal points keep you in control of your life and protect you from incoming negativity.  These focal points will allow your life and 2022 to happen because of you, not to you.”

Nothing happens to you, it happens because of you.”
-Grant Cardone

Since 2022 is going to happen because of you, let’s take a look at some things to not waste your good energy on.  Because these are things that are so not in your immediate control.  Now in a minute we’ll look at how to start having some influence in these areas but for now, let’s put  take a look at some things you want to avoid and not allow to have your full attention.

Minimize (if not straight up avoid)…

  1. The news
  2. Politics
  3. Other people’s behaviors and opinions
  4. The economy
  5. Social media feeds
  6. Your past failures / mistakes
  7. Traffic / public transportation
  8. Natural Disasters / weather events

Steven R Covey calls these;

The circle of influence vs the circle of concern.

The top 8 you have influence and control over.  The bottom 8 may be of interest, concern to you and impact your life, but you don’t have much if any control over these things.

Our egos will get us all wrapped up in how things should be and we wind up immobilized, not dealing with what is.  The good new though is that the more you focus on the top 8, your influence over those bottom 8 areas of concern will begin to radiate outward.

8 Daily Decisions to Rock Your 2022

Make some decisions today and then every day to focus on and be in control of your attitude.  No one else can influence your attitude unless you allow them to.  Think on that.  Will the actions you take today move you closer to or further away from your goals and dreams?  Are your goals and dreams big enough to warrant action and movement?  To you have a set time to go to sleep and wake up?

There is only one person who can determine what kind of food goes into your mouth.  You.  There is only one person who is in control of how your body moves.  You.

How you live your life, your morals, your ethics and your honor.  All on you.  And not only should you be in control of what goes in your body, assume full responsibility and control for what goes in your mind.  Will this TV show make me better or worse?  Will this book, article, social media feed make me stronger or weaker?

Are your finances in order?  You are in control of and can determine how much you make, earn and keep.

This is what to focus on in 2022.  Do not allow for distractions.  Think about how you want 2022 to end.  Think about what you need to do today to make that real and then every day, do the right things to move towards your goals, dreams and do it with and on purpose.