What’s on your #Fuc#ItList?


What’s on your #Fuc#ItList?

One of the best parts of Jesse Itzler’s July Challenges from #WeDoHardStuff is that while all of the challenges contain a mental component, not all of them contain physical exercises.  So far this month we’ve listed our three favorite books and wrote about the hardest things we’ve ever done.   This is part of supporting the Malala Fund.  “The Malala Fund is is the official organization led by Malala Yousafzai, focused on helping girls go to school and raise their voices for the right to education.”

Next up in the essay category is to “Post 3 things that you want to do before you die and use #Fuc#ItList. Lot’s of power in writing down dreams.”

Before I give you my #Fuc#ItList

What I want to make sure I touch on before I post my 3 is this truth that there is a lot of power in writing down your dreams.  That’s really all that was said and maybe all that’s needed but what’s important to grasp is the act of writing it down.  Writing it down takes your dreams and goals and puts them into the physical universe.  It’s literally starting the creation process.  Thinking about it, visualizing and dreaming about it is important and part of the creation process.  It’s the first step.  Just not the only step.

Dreams are the fuel for an incredible life.  –Grant Cardone

Committing your goals and dreams to pen and paper is the next step.  And do it often.  Often, like daily.  Actually 2 times a day for sure, sometimes 3.  Once in the morning when I wake up, once at bedtime and then if I start getting down on myself.  I’ve even got a special journal that’s dedicated to my goals and dreams.  If it’s worth doing at the start of the New Year, it’s worth doing it everyday.  And how’s that working out for you by the way, looking at your goals and dreams once a year?  Not very good I imagine.

Start and end your day with what you’re creating

Notice I didn’t say “trying to create.” This is about what you’re actually making.  What is your attention on?  Where is your energy focused?  You’re thoughts are creating your reality.  Are you in control of your thoughts?  Your reality starts with your thoughts.  Where ever you’ve gone, your mind went there first.  Period.  Take control of your mind and put your attention on what you’re creating in your life.

[TIP:  Avoid the state of “want.”]  Wanting only creates more want.  Approach goals, dreams and targets from the mindset that it already exists.  Put your targets in the present time, in the now.  That way they’ll be there when you arrive.

My Reality

“I live on the central coast of California in a rustic seafaring home on the water.”  I wrote that down everyday from 2007 until August 17, 2013 when I moved into my rustic seafaring home, 300 yards from the ocean in Morro Bay, CA.

But it doesn’t stop there!  We live in an expanding universe.  You’re either growing or you’re dying.  Good news is on that one, you get to choose.  Winning or learning.

3 things on my #Fuc#ItList

On October 8th, 2017 I ran 27.2 miles from my home and up PCH raising one million dollars to split between the 3 charities I support. [more on this in August]

I am a world traveler.  In my life, I have lived and worked from a sailboat off the island of Crete, spent a month in Bora Bora in an overwater hut and spent three months traveling Europe on a train.

I live in a 4 bedroom 3 bath home on the water in Morro Bay, CA where I host Thanksgiving dinner for my family and friends.

These are not “ifs” they are “whens”

These are the things I write down daily.  I am in the process of creating fully these things for myself and my family.  This is what my attention is on.  This is what’s on my #Fuc#ItList…  And it’s all possible.  All of it.  People told me I could never afford to live at the beach, that it’s too expensive and all sorts of crap.  Guess what?  People are telling me now that running a marathon isn’t healthy, that I’m too old, that I should be happy with what I have, that there’s nothing to prove and all sorts of crap.  Guess what?