The Effects of Infrared Sauna on The Common Cold

The Effects of Infrared Sauna on The Common Cold

What happens when you take a common cold and put it up against your sauna blanket?  Well, I can’t speak for the rest of you but I can definitely speak for me.

  • Very mild symptoms
  • Reduction is symptom time

How I caught a cold

I’m pretty proud of my immune system and work hard to keep it strong.  That being said, like the rest of us, every couple years or so, something gets through.  Pretty sure, like 99% sure, it was the lady sitting next to me on a flight that gave it to me.  When she boarded the plane she had a mask on, sprayed Lysol on the seats and wiped the seats down with some kind of sani-wipe and sanitized her hands.  Then I realized she was sniffling and most likely was flying sick.  Full flight so wasn’t able to move…  THEN… she took her mask down to cough.  Facepalm.  Being a forgiving person and wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt I’m going to assume the only reason she would fly sick was due to some sort of family emergency.

Either way, she was sick and 3 days later I started to feel a little off.  As soon as I got off the plane though I loaded up on Zicam and continued to take 3 per day the entire time…  I’m also a HUGE proponent of the Neil Med sinus rinse.

Normally when I Zicam it up, I have milder symptoms than if I didn’t, but every time there’s one day that is full on lame-o.  My sinuses swells up and it’s excruciating.  I have a deviated septum and let me tell you, a stuffy nose and a deviated septum do not mix…

But NOT this time!!!

So as soon as I got home from my trip, it was everyday for 60 minutes at level 9 in my MiHigh Sauna blanket.  What happened?  Basically I gave myself an internal fever with the blanket.

Apparently when heat is introduced to your cells, the powerful T-cells get a boost and these cells help fight off the virus.

Here’s what I know for me.

  • 3 Zicam a day
  • Neil Med Sinus Rinse 3-4 times per day
  • 3-5000 mg Esther C morning, noon and night.
  • Lot’s of hot liquid with peppermint oil.

All of these are staples but when I added 60 minutes daily at the onset of symptoms, the symptoms that showed up were significantly minimized and were only felt for about a week.  Normally this is a 2 week process.


but if you’re looking for ways to boost your immunity and stave off colds this winter, this may be the answer you’re looking for.

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Effects of Infrared Sauna on The Common Cold Final Thoughts…

On Infrared Sauna on The Common Cold, well, since getting a MiHigh Sauna blanket, I’ve beaten down a potentially bad cold, am sleeping better, which also probably helped with the cold, exercise recovery is better and interestingly I’m feeling a little more flexible with my muscles.  Especially hamstrings.  Lastly, I look a little leaner in the mirror.  Not sure if that’s fat or water but there is that too.

Leave any questions in comments below and I’m happy to respond.  Thanks for reading!