#ThisSucks (yes it did)


#ThisSucks (yes it did)

Tonight I topped off number ten of Jesse Itzler‘s #2017ofEverything April Challenge which he called “wordy gurdy.”

For those of you just tuning in, you can CLICK HERE to start from the beginning.  If you just what the cliff note, here it is…  10 hashtags.  Each letter represents a different drill.  Like the hashtag means 100 jumping jacks, the letter T means you’re doing 20 crunches, H means you do a plank for a minute and so on and so forth until you spell out the word.  The more you complete, the more Jesse donates to a certain charity.  This month your hard work is helping the Autism Hope Alliance.

What I have found is each of these 10 challenges carry with it a little lesson….

Today’s lesson from #ThisSucks was on integrity.

The letter “S” means 12 broad jumps.  I’m subbing in Box Jumps mainly because they suck more and I just got a box and I’m breaking it in.  #ThisSucks means we’re doing 2 sets of 12 box jumps back to back.  Well, that sucks for sure.  Also, speaking of sucking,  “K” means 200 jumping jacks and then another 12 box jumps.  That also sucks.   Did I mention I’m going for time on this stuff?  Meaning how fast can I finish this work?  It’s all about sucking.

I fired up the music and started in.  When I got to the 24 box jumps I was so in my zone, I lost count around rep 16.  Was I on 16 or 17?  I kept going but when I got to 24 I didn’t know if was actually on 24 or not.  I could be at 23.  Jesse ordered up 24.  There’s a sign on the wall in my company’s main office in Miami, FL.  “Go The Extra Mile, There’s No One On It.”  I did five more for good measure.

Integrity.  No one’s out there on the extra mile.  There’s no one was around.  Nobody was keeping count or tracking this.  No one but me.  Integrity:  the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.  I have to live with me.  Did I finish the work?  What about you?

Rich Man’s Gym is about strength of body, mind and spirit.

You can’t make it to the extra mile when you skip steps and short cut.  You can’t feel good about yourself when you take the easy route or think, “it’s only one rep, it doesn’t matter.”  It does matter.  It matters very much.

Your character and commitment level will be found in your daily rituals, habits and behaviors.  If you’ll shortcut your workout, what else are you shortcutting or short changing?  And there is the lesson.  Ask yourself the hard questions, what are you shortcutting?  Where in your life are you not playing full out?  Take these physical challenges to forge the character with which you can become a better husband, friend, father, mother, sister, professional.  Who can you become?