Pruvit Keto//OS Review 365 days later

Keto//OS Review

Pruvit:  Keto//OS Review 365 days later

About a year ago I started a journey with Keto//OS.  In February of 2016, I kicked sugar to the curb on an extreme level.  At least extreme for our generation.  In a world where carbs and sugar are literally sanctioned by the government and mainstream medicine as the body’s primary fuel source and where the USDA pushes grain as the base of their nutrition pyramid, it’s no wonder we have an obesity epidemic.

If it was 10,000 years ago, >25 grams a day, would be no big whoop.  I was already “low-carbing” it in some Paleo type fashion.  I’ve been into intermittent fasting before it was a thang.  But still, the 2 pm crash was my nemesis.  My workouts were good, but not great.  I wasn’t satisfied with my results anymore.  I knew I was missing something.  It was time for a change and I was ready.

I started tracking one thing.  Total carb and sugar intake.  It had to be below 25g total per day AND it could only come from a raw natural source.  I cut out all grains and legumes.  Dairy is organic and fermented only (with the exception of heavy cream).  I took my protein level down a notch to about 1 gram per pound of lean body weight.  Before I was at 1 gram per total pound of body weight.  I then upped the healthy fats.  Coconut oil, MCT oil, Avocados, etc.

Immediately I started feeling better, my skin tone got better, I started to see more energy through out the day and I had less brain fog.  Interesting.  Additionally, I started to feel challenged with my workouts earlier in the session, but once I pushed past this urge to quit, I felt like I could longer.

Then my guy Joe Rogan holds up a can of Keto//OS…

Keto//OS Review

What the heck is this Keto//OS sh*t?  Pure therapeutic ketones.  What’s that all about?  I hit the internet hard.  I listen to and scrutinize the following three podcasts:

  1.  Joe Rogan and Mark Sisson (
  2. Tim Ferriss and Dom D’Agistino (
  3. Tim Ferriss and Patrick Arnold (

Then I hit the Pruvit website and started digging deeper.  Still skeptical, I turned to Twitter.

I chatted about Keto//OS with users, fellow skeptics, and a few independent distributors.  See, Pruvit is an MLM.  Multi Level Marketing.  That means red flags for days.  That means this is most likely a scam, some weird pyramid scheme and that the product most likely will be flavored powdered cardboard.  BUT!!!!  Joe Rogan’s on it.  Then there’s these really smart dudes talking to Tim Ferris about this stuff.  Besides, not all MLMs are washouts waiting to happen.  Some are legit, have been around for years.  Amway, Melaleuca, doTerra and Avon come to mind.

I have struggled to find a MLM supplement based company that I could put the RichMansGym seal of approval on.

At this point, the best thing to do is try it.  You test drive a car before you buy it.  You try your shoes on before you buy them.  Let’s give it a go.  If it works, awesome.  If not, no harm done.  Either way, I’ll have blog material.  When you’re in doubt 5 day sample pack is not going to kill you in any way shape or form.  I watched the cute little campfire video and ordered a sample pack

Keto//OS Review:  Fast Forward One Year!


It’s been a year.  I take Keto//OS at least once a day if not twice.  Usually in the mornings and one more either mid-day or before an evening training session. Bottom line here:  I feel f**king great!

Top 3 Changes:

1.  More Mental Clarity
2.  Better recovery from workouts
3.  Way more endurance
Keep in mind, for this Keto//OS review, I’m not going to dig deep into “the science.”  These are MY results, MY experience with Keto//OS.  The science is important, but for now, let’s just look at what’s happened for me.  Allow me break these down for you with a bit more detail…

ONE:  Keto//OS = More Mental Clarity.

My brain functions better on this stuff.  Seriously better.  Now this doesn’t mean I’m solving quadratic equations, hanging out with Sheldon Cooper, on Hawking’s speed dial or anything like that.  What it means is that the brain fog is gone.  It just doesn’t present like it used to.  Before getting on Keto//OS, no matter what was going on, I would still struggle almost daily around 2 pm.  It would be like a thin sheet was tossed over my brain.  There would be this feeling of being tired but not terribly sleepy, there would be this weird sense of “what am I doing” and I felt disconnected from the world.  Snapping back would require a 10 minute power nap followed by at least 4 shots of espresso and maybe a walk or deep breathing exercises.
That’s all gone.  I don’t have the brain fog.  I’m here.  Finally.  Present.  This has been the biggest benefit for me.  It was noticeable at first but the longer I took it, the more pronounced it became.  Being tired is one thing.  Feeling “out of it” is something entirely different.  I’m alert and engaged all day long now.

TWO:  Keto//OS = Better recovery from workouts

Muscle is not build in the gym.  You need rest and sleep.  A year later and I can tell you that the quality of my sleep has improved dramatically.  It’s deeper and I wake up feeling more rested.  Even if I don’t get the full eight hours.  When I am traveling, I seem to adjust to time zone changes better as well.  I believe that because the quality of sleep is better even in a different time zone and a strange bed.
Since I train pretty hard and I’m in my mid forties, recovery is ridiculously important.  Since switching over to a more Paleo diet with a heavy lean towards ketosis, I have found that my recovery from exercise has improved.  I’m not sore like I used to be.
My thoughts are two fold.  Fat and ketones are my body’s primary fuel source.  I don’t produce as much lactic acid as before because I’m not using glucose for energy.  Secondly, due to the lack of of sugar entering my body from grains and legumes plus supplementing with ketones, my body isn’t constantly inflamed which allows my system to repair what needs to be repaired while I sleep or am at rest.
There’s a reason why so many of the guys who ride (and won) in the Tour de France are taking ketones and cutting out sugar.

THREE:  Keto//OS = Way more endurance

Speaking of which, enter what I like to call the KetoKlick!  Pruvit (obviously) enjoys word play so forgive me if I do the same.  The KetoKlick for me is something akin to the second wind.  It’s this moment where I’m working out and go from being tired and thinking about quitting to this Captain America like feeling of “I could do this all day!”  This happens when lifting kettlebells, doing high volume push-ups, burpees, or running.  It seems to work both aerobically and anaerobically.  And it’s quite literally a click.  Like a switch got flipped.

I’ll give you two examples.  If I’m out on a run, I get the initial energy surge of running.  Then fatigue sets in and I get the urge to pack it up.  Pushing through that initial urge has become easy.  Also, as I mentioned, since getting off sugar, this urge happens a lot sooner.  As I approach my next level of fatigue, I start trying to talk myself into walking for a little bit.  But instead I push through that and “KLICK” suddenly I’m Captain America and let’s roll!

Another example would be burpees.  They’re a tough little drill and can very quickly take someone from doing great to completely smoked in a manner of minutes.  Once again, pushing past these two urges to quit somehow stokes a bigger flame.

If you’re not exercising with intensity and pushing your current limits, I cannot attest to you experiencing a similar result.  In fact, if you’re not challenging your current limit in anything I can basically promise you that you will not see the type of result that allows you to know that what you’re doing is working.

Pruvit Keto//OS Review:  Final Thoughts

Now what?  I’ve been into this Keto thing for a whole year now.  Clearly, I’m committed.  I love what it’s doing for me.  If you’ve made it this far, if you’re still reading, I’m guessing you’re considering adding Keto//OS to your supplement regime.  Perhaps you’re considering another supplemental ketone product as well.  You may have concerns about cost.  You may be concerned whether or not the product will actually work for you.  At the end of the day, there’s only two real reasons you wont get started with Keto//OS.  One, you don’t believe it will actually help you and/or two, you don’t believe in your ability to follow through with it.

Here’s what I mean by that.  Perhaps in the past you’ve tried other things that either turned out to be a scam or some kind of snake oil.  Nobody likes that feeling of being duped.  So it goes without saying that we would be skeptical going into it.  The other possibility it that you’ve tried to lose weight, get in shape, eat better, stop drinking, smoking, etc so many times and have not been able to stay the course.  Will Keto//OS be just another one of those times?

Totally understand the concerns because I had them both myself.  So before you decide to add Keto//OS to your routine…

Let’s go over the no bullsh*t real deal.

  1.  These are not, nor are there any, magic beans.  Keto//OS is going to give you an edge to the good work that you’re already doing.  This is not some secret sauce that will melt fat and pack on muscle and have you looking like a cover model for a fitness magazine.  You need to eat right, track calories in, watch macros and train hard.  You add Keto//OS to your routine.  It’s a supplement.  A supplement is something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.  Supplemental ketones work when you use them right.  You can’t out run a doughnut.  Sorry.  If you’re diet is trash, correct it.
  2. This time it will be different.  Yes it will as long as you commit 100%.  That means what?  Let us help you.  The Pruvit community is here.  There are amazing people from all walks of life using Keto//OS.  Every single Pruver I have encountered is awesome.  They care, they want to see you be better and they want to help.

I want to help.  You!

You have goals.  There are things about your health and fitness you want to change.  You’re diet, exercise, discipline, mindset, you name it, you know you got more in you and want to level up.  I’m here to help, speak truths, answer questions and inspire you to stick it out and push for greatness in your life.  Success is hard.  There are no shortcuts.  Transformation can be scary.  Look at birth.  Babies really don’t dig on being born.  It’s scary.  You’re looking for transformation, looking for rebirth and you want a better life.

Keep in mind, Rich Man’s Gym is about strength of body, mind and spirit.  If you’re OK with ordinary and average you’re in the wrong place.  Now if you want to reach a new level and maximize this life you got, let’s roll!

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Let’s have a conversation.  In 12 minutes or less, we’ll look at where you’re at verses where you want to be and your long term goals.  We’ll also go over several options for you and I’ll make sure you have enough information about Keto//OS to make an informed decision about whether or not the product and the company is a fit for you.